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Life-changing. That’s what people say about the results they get using our approach to health and wellness at Nutritional Weight & Wellness. That’s because we believe eating real food in balance can change your life. Our nutritionists are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals, whatever they are.

Darlene Kvist, a licensed nutritionist, started the company in 1993 because of her belief that good nutrition is the foundation for a happy, fulfilling life. She counseled people and taught classes out of a small office in St. Paul, Minnesota, working tirelessly to improve people’s lives using the power of real food.

Since that time, the company has grown to six offices in the Twin Cities area, and we’ve gained a world-wide audience for our popular weekly radio show and podcast, Dishing Up Nutrition. In a single year, we teach over a thousand classes and counsel thousands of clients. Darlene’s dream to bring life-changing nutrition education to people around the world has come true.

Discover how nutrition can change your life.

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