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Joint Pain & Inflammation – Are Your Food Choices to Blame?

Return to your favorite pastimes, pain-free, here’s how.


Helpful Supplements for Joint Pain

Listen in as we discuss how changing your eating could help your joint pain go down.


Ginny’s Story - 44 Pounds Lost* by Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

Ginny lost 44 pounds and gained power and control over her life.

success story

Preventing and Reducing Knee and Joint Pain

Preventing joint pain may be as simple as paying attention to what you eat and avoiding inflammatory foods.


Knee Pain – Food Makes a Difference

Discover 3 foods that could be causing your achy knees.


Barb's Story - Reduced Cravings & Lost 62 Pounds*

Barb got rid of cravings, lost weight, eliminated knee pain and heartburn and is down four dress sizes.

success story

Norma's Story - Over 30 Pounds Lost* & Sleeping Soundly

Over 30 pounds lost, fewer aches and pains, and sleeping soundly.

success story

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