Ask the Nutritionist | Carolyn, RDN, LD

By Jackie Cartier
August 30, 2016


This past year we’ve welcomed some new nutritionists and dietitians as hosts of Dishing Up Nutrition, and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to learn a little bit more about the amazing women that make up our team. Three down and many to go, today we’re asking Carolyn 5 fresh questions.bios_carolyn_suerthhudson_large.jpg

What’s one of your favorite client success stories?

I’m not sure I can pick just one favorite! Our jobs are rewarding because we help so many people change their lives and improve their health. One client was so excited to get rid of her cravings in just a few days. She shared that she couldn’t remember a time when she did not have sugar cravings, and now she felt like a huge weight had been lifted because she was finally in control of her eating and food choices. Another client was getting up many times in the night to go to the bathroom, and within a week of our initial meeting she was happy to report a significant improvement and was able to get a decent night’s rest.

What do you love about teaching people about nutrition?

Nutrition has been a passion of mine for many years, and I love to help people learn how to choose real food that will help them be healthier, get rid of their aches and pains or just have more energy. A recent client wrote to me and said “Thank you! There are so many differing opinions on diet and supplements; I find the topic almost overwhelming. It was reassuring to talk with someone with a clear plan and realistic suggestions for me.” I love that!

What’s your favorite real food dinner when you have the time to cook?

I love to cook and eat just about everything. I definitely spend more time in the kitchen during the fall and winter months making soups, roasts, turkey and roasted veggies, which are some of my favorites. In the summer, I usually grill my meals. I keep it simple. It’s often steak, a grilled veggie of the day, a salad and maybe a small red potato or some sweet potato and butter.

What about your favorite real food dinner when you’re in a rush?

Grilling for me is really fast, so I grab a boneless chicken breast, throw it on the grill, and make up a nice green salad with grated carrots, olive oil and vinegar. By the time I have the salad ready my chicken breast is done. Fast, easy and yum!

What inspired you to pursue a career in nutrition?

My inspiration came after reading a few books and talking to people about nutrition. It seemed there was conflicting information everywhere. I wanted to know how to figure out what was real and what was not. I had no understanding of the science behind nutrition so I went back to school and got my degree in Food and Nutrition. 36 years later I can honestly say I still love what I do and better yet I learn something new every day!

What’s the most frequent question you get as a nutritionist?

Lately it has been “How can I get off my prescription acid reflux medication?” There has been a lot of talk on TV about a class action suit, and people are realizing that maybe taking this medication is doing more harm than good. I have helped a number of clients successfully and safely get off these harmful medications.

And that’s a wrap! If you’d like to ask Carolyn about your personal health goals, consider making a consultation appointment with her at our Eden Prairie office.

For upcoming 5 Questions blog posts, what questions would you like to ask a nutritionist? Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you!




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