Lack of Energy/Fatigue

For many people, poor food choices contribute to a lack of energy. They may unknowingly be consuming a diet that makes them feel like they are running on empty most of the time, relying on caffeine and sugar to handle mid-day energy slumps. A diet high in processed food and refined carbohydrates does not supply the nutrients essential for good energy. Additionally, individuals with low energy may not be eating frequently enough, or may not be consuming enough protein or healthy fats.

The body needs real foods, eaten in balance, to run well. Our clients marvel at how much their energy increases when they eat a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, butter and olive oil.

Our recommendations

  • Nutrition Counseling: If you want to re-energize your life, learn to eat in a way that creates vitality. Nutrition counseling will give you a personalized eating plan to meet your health goals, energy challenges and lifestyle.
  • Class: Take the Weight & Wellness Class Series to learn how to eat balanced and stay energized.
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