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Eat This, Not That to Reduce Anxiety in Teens

Anxiety and stress often make hard years harder. Real food can help.

Overindulged? How to Get Back to Healthy Eating

We’re back in the New Year with a question to ask yourself ...

Eating the Weight and Wellness Way through the Holidays

Don't let the holidays derail your healthy eating habits with these tips.

Food Addiction—What’s the Cause & How to Overcome It

Balance brain chemicals to ward off addictive eating.

5 Things You Will Learn in Nutrition 4 Weight Loss

Tips on long term weight loss including cravings, gut health, and more.

A Healthy New Year

What we use to protect against contagious bugs.


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January 14: Eat This, Not That to Reduce Anxiety in Teens
January 21: Oh My Achy Body
January 28: Coronary Artery Disease

Kick off 2017 with Nutrition 4 Weight Loss

Classes start in January and February. Learn more about how to reach your health goals with real food. Sign up now!

Spicy Coconut Stew Recipe

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Chili Recipe

Add a dollop of full-fat sour cream and you’ll have a fully balanced, delicious, meal.

Healthy Chicken Nuggets Recipe

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