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Build confidence in the kitchen and take control of your health with these virtual classes.

Healthy Cooking Classes

Find Confidence in the Kitchen, a Crucial Step for a Healthier Life

You’ve heard the many benefits of cooking at home including better health, a slimmer waistline, thicker wallet, and the list goes on. Join us for this 75-minute class to gain some healthy (and delicious!) culinary inspiration to get you back in the kitchen and truly in charge of your health.

In these virtual demonstration classes, learn to prepare tasty meals the Weight and Wellness Way. All recipes demonstrated will change with the seasons.

Class Price: $25


Can’t make it to the class live? We are now offering the recording of the class to everyone who registers! You’ll receive the link to the recording via email the following day and you’ll have five days to view the class before the link expires.


Upcoming Classes:

Cooking For One

This is a topic we get asked about all the time in our classes! “I’m only cooking for myself. How do I cook for just me?” We’re going to tackle this topic to give you inspiration rather than overwhelm when it comes to getting into your kitchen for homecooked meals. In this class, we’ll go into the fridge, pantry, and freezer to show you how to throw together some dishes that are nourishing, simple, and easy for those who are cooking for one.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2024 6:00pm - 7:15pm
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Also available in an online recorded class:

Instant Pot Basics

Why eat fast food when you can make real food fast? Join chef and culinary nutrition educator Marianne Jurayj as she shares what the Instant Pot does best and how it can help you get dinner on the table in a flash!
In this virtual, demonstration cooking class, we will explore the features of an Instant Pot® and how it can be just the right tool to making nutrient-dense and flavorful meals easy.. Walk away with recipes for real food that you and your family will love.

This cooking class is offered as a recorded class, which you can purchase here.

Slow Cooker Savvy

Hectic schedules can often side-track our healthy eating! Learn to save time and master your slow cooker. Chef and culinary educator Marianne Jurayj will show you how to prepare meals for busy weeknight dinners. She will also share easy recipes and creative tips on how to store and use up all those leftovers to have healthy, nourishing meals ready any time.

This cooking class is offered as a recorded class, which you can purchase here.

Global Flavors: Spices & Sauces

Learn the simple steps to spice up your meals! Don’t let your spice cabinet intimidate you! In this class, Chef Marianne will walk you through how to buy, store, and use spices and herbs to make your healthy food delicious and exciting. She’ll show you how to make your own spice mixtures as well as what to look for when buying premade mixes. You’ll walk away with recipes to try and a flavor profiles handout using different cultural cuisines, so you know what pairs well together as you experiment in the kitchen.

This cooking class is offered as a recorded class, which you can purchase here.

Previous and Future Class Topics:

Please email us if you are interested in a particular class topic.

Kitchen Tips for Farmer's Market Vegetables

Getting enough vegetables into our day can be challenging, so we created a class to help you fill in the menu. We’ll cover a few basics about farmer’s market and CSA fresh produce and we will demonstrate how to prepare [and use up] delicious and fiber-rich sides to go with your chicken, fish, beef or pork. We’ll teach you how to bring out the best in your vegetables no matter where you get them (local grocery store and your backyard garden included!) and how to use them in salads, roasted, or on the grill.

Easy Weekday Lunches

Start your week off right with easy, balanced lunch ideas to set you up for success. Great, make-ahead recipes that are ready when you are: for work, school or your home office. This virtual demonstration class, with chef and culinary nutrition educator Marianne Jurayj, will help with shopping, preparation, and storage to keep you on track during your busy week.

Cooking Brain-Healthy Foods

“Food for Thought!” is an expression we’ve all heard, but we often forget how food has an impact on our minds! Join us as we dive into the kitchen to explore some tasty dishes that nourish our brains for better memory, processing, and learning, regardless of age. This class will include foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory compounds that will feed our brain and keep us sharp from childhood to our senior years.

Pantry Possibilities

In this cooking demonstration, Chef Marianne covers helpful pantry staples to always have on hand, how to utilize what you’ve got in your fridge and cupboards, how to freeze foods to use in meals later, and how to put ingredients together to make healthy and delicious meals.

Cooking in Autumn

Although things are cooling off outside, it is a good time to heat things up in the kitchen. Chef Marianne will demonstrate how to prepare fall foods available from your CSA, farmers' market or local grocery store. Learn tips and tricks to try at home and receive delicious, nutritious recipes to share with family and friends.

Cooking Heart-Healthy Meals

Your heart is the hardest working muscle in your body & we know that heart disease can be prevented with real food, so let’s take control by cooking up some delicious, heart-healthy meals and snacks. We will discuss foods that can help with cholesterol, blood pressure and vascular health. Join us in the kitchen where we will explore good fats, Vitamin B-rich proteins, and garden-fresh vegetables that give our heart the fuel it needs to keep us moving.

Cooking for Better Digestion

So much of our immune system lives in the GI system! And by cooking and eating the foods that nurture our gut, we can strengthen our immunity, lower inflammation, and have more energy! Join us for this demonstration cooking class that explores the many delicious foods that can feed our “inner garden” and keep us healthy, including bone broth, fermented foods, and fiber.

Salads for Balanced Meals

Salads and leafy greens are not just rabbit food! They can be hearty dishes full of texture and flavor to keep you satisfied for hours. In this virtual demonstration cooking class, Chef Marianne will give you tips on greens: what to look for when buying, different combinations for variety to add to your repertoire, how to wash, and how to store. We’ll cover ideas on how to make your salads balanced with a mix of different protein options, other fiber-full veggies, fun toppings to mix up the flavors and some basic salad dressings that are healthy ways to pull the salad together.

Healthy Burgers & Tacos

Is it possible to follow a healthy eating plan and still eat burgers and tacos? Yes! And we can show you how. In this class, we will explain how these dishes have gotten a bad reputation when it comes to our health goals and how we can make these favorites into healthy, balanced meals that the whole family will love. You’ll walk away from this class with many ideas on variations of what meats you could use, flavors to incorporate, and toppings to add to make these go-to classics delish, exciting, AND healthy. Class will demo two easy patty recipes and two taco combos.

Healthy Bowls

You’ve probably heard of “protein bowls” or “power bowls” as the new dish to get on the go. In this class, we’ll break down what components to put in the bowl to meet all your nutrition needs while satisfying your taste buds. Walk away with examples on how to make a bowl for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe even a snack!

Creative Leftovers to Reduce Food Waste

With the rise of food costs, throwing away old or spoiled food hurts! Join Chef Marianne to discuss strategies for shopping and storage so you have what you need and nothing goes to waste. This class will cover ideas on how to use frozen veggies, repurposing meal components to make new dishes, and recipes to use up what’s in your fridge rather than tossing it in the trash. Since not everyone is thrilled about leftovers, we'll talk about ways to make repeat food feel less like a “leftover” and more like an “encore. "

Making Comfort Food Healthy

We all love comfort food, but it can have a bad reputation for being an unhealthy option. Join us for this virtual cooking demonstration to learn tips and tricks for creating healthy versions of your favorites that are still delicious and comforting. You’ll be inspired with new dishes, combining the coziness of comfort food while still getting critical nutrients needed for your health.

Delicious Nutritious Soups

Not only are soups a one-pot meal (delish with less dishes!), but they are one of the most nutritious ways to eat! The rich broth with a balance of protein, healthy fat and carbs, holds the nutrients that are soothing, nourishing, and easy to digest. Soups can easily be made in large batches and eaten for any meal or snack of the day. They freeze nicely, are a great way to use leftovers, and can include many pantry staples you already have on hand. In this demonstration cooking class, we’ll cover some gluten- and dairy-free recipes, with different flavor profiles for easy, never boring, comforting meals.

Batch Cooking for Simple Weeknight Dinners

We’ve all heard the dreaded question “What’s for dinner?” Well, we are here to help you with healthy inspiration and useful kitchen tricks that will make meal prep easy, so you can have dinner on the table in no time! Chef and culinary nutrition educator Marianne Jurayj will cover food storage and planning, items to have on hand, and demonstrate some simple techniques and recipes you can use for an easy week of meals.

Healthy Appetizers

Life is full of gatherings with a focus on food: holidays, dinner parties, watching the big game, patio happy hour, birthdays, showers, you name it! Often snacks at these events can be anything but balanced. In this class, we’ll talk about how to put out a spread that is delicious AND healthy (and no one will even know that it is “good for you”!). Recipes will include dishes that are festive and easily transported for potlucks and parties with ingredients to nourish and keep you (and fellow guests) feeling good.

Sweets That Satisfy

Part of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is finding ways to treat ourselves occasionally while still feeling great. In this class, we’ll show you how to make sweets from real food to satisfy your sweet tooth without the cravings. Class will cover a conversation on sugar and sweeteners, examples of baking without gluten and dairy, a discussion on which healthy fats give the best flavor, ideas for portion sizes, and navigating those parties where sweets typically make an appearance. Bonus recipes included for the chocolate-lovers!

Sheet Pan & One-Pot Meals

The worst part of cooking is all the dishes you’re left with after, right? After a long, busy day, cooking a complicated dish is not ideal.
In this demonstration cooking class, we make cooking simple so you’re not spending all your time in the kitchen.

Learn tips and tricks to make the dinner routine easy, delicious, and healthy using tools you already have in your kitchen and foods you already like to eat.

Start a Breakfast Habit with Real Food

Ditch the cereal and toast and start your day with the true breakfast of champions: real food! One of our favorite ways to kick off healthy eating habits and a boosted metabolism is to eat a balanced breakfast. In this virtual demonstration cooking class, we’ll teach you what balanced looks like (hint: protein, fat, carb!), give you lots of breakfast options to choose from that will add variety as well as ease to your morning routine, and provide tips of how to start a new breakfast eating habit if it’s not really your thing.

Meat- Roast, Braise & Sauté

Good, quality protein is an important part of a balanced meal, but it can often be the most challenging. In this demonstration cooking class, we’ll cover different cuts of meat, what to look for when buying, and what to do with it once you are in your kitchen. Using your slow cooker/Instant Pot, oven and sauté pan [including cast iron], we will answer all your “what should I do with this?” questions! You’ll walk away with delicious recipes that diversify your go-to proteins and inspire you to incorporate them into all your meals and snacks.

Vegetables: Raw, Roast, Steam and Sauté

Part of the core philosophy at Nutritional Weight & Wellness is to get a healthy dose of vegetables as your carbohydrates. Veggies give you lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a range of other health benefits. But how do you add more to your plate? How do you prep them to be delicious? What if you just don’t like vegetables very much?? Chef Marianne’s got you! In this virtual demonstration cooking class, you’ll learn ways to eat the rainbow by choosing and preparing colorful veggies in a variety of ways to discover your favorites and enhance your go-to options.


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