Immune-Building foods and Nutrients

Learn how to support your immunity through nutrition to help boost your resistance to illness.

Immune-Building Foods and Nutrients

Is your immune system working like it should? Do you catch colds easily and do they last longer than five days? Do you have frequent fatigue, sore throats and often feel achy? Do you get frequent sinus congestion and sinus headaches? If you answered yes, your immune system might need a little boost and proper nutrition can help!

Learn which foods and beverages support your immunity and which lower your resistance to illness.


Discover lifestyle tips to help you build your immunity.


Find out more about key supplements to help support your immune system.


You will receive 10% off products sold though NutriKey


You can take Immune-Building Foods and Nutrients two ways:

  • Pre-recorded online video (participants have 30 days starting the first time you view the video to watch the class)
  • In-person at one of our 7 twin-cities locations or through community education

ONLINE.jpgImmune-Building Foods and Nutrients Online 

Keep your schedule flexible and take this class online. The class length is about one hour in length. Participants have 30 days (starting at the day of purchase) to watch the class. You will receive a digital Key Point Handout and a 10% discount on all products purchased through NutriKey.

                 Just $25 


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IN PERSON.jpgImmune-Boosting Foods and Nutrients In-Person

Take this class in-person at one of our 7 twin-cities locations or around the metro area through community education. Receive a class handout and product discount on supplements sold at Nutritional Weight & Wellness or at

                      Just $29-$39*  

Upcoming Session

In-person classes are currently on pause.

*Through community education, cost ranges from $25–$39 and is determined by each community education location.

Note: The classroom at our St. Paul location is located on the lower level and require two flights of stairs. Please contact our office if you require a more accessible option


Still not sure if Immune-Building Foods and Nutrients —is right for you?

Call us at 651-699-3438 or message us and ask your specific questions.

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