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nutrikeyLogo_teal.jpgPurchase quality products and supplements in our stores and online through our sister company NutriKey™ Inc. The products are professional grade, pass rigorous quality and purity standards, and have been used successfully by our own staff and clients for years.

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NutriKey™ supplements are pharmaceutical grade, meaning they are well absorbed, effective and free of contaminants, junk fillers or additives. We have taken great care to ensure our Nutrikey products meet the highest standards.

We also offer several other quality brands such as:

Clients who purchase $100 or more at one time earn Wellness Rewards cards. The cards can be used toward classes, counseling or products.

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Omega-3 1000

An essential fatty acid from cold-water fish that provides 300 mg of EPA & 200 mg of DHA per softgel.





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