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Knee Pain – Food Makes a Difference

Discover 3 foods that could be causing your achy knees.

Fats and Oils for Healing

The right kind of fats are healing for the body.

Compulsive Eating and Intestinal Health

Explore the many causes and solutions.

3 Reasons Alcohol Sabotages Weight Loss

You might be surprised at what alcohol impacts.

What a Nutritionist Eats in a Day

Meal planning ideas, fresh recipes & more!

Ask the Nutritionist | Melanie Beasley, RD, LD

How real food quite literally changed Melanie’s life & much more.


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March 18: Knee Pain: Food Makes a Difference
March 25: Hidden Weight Gain Factors
April 1: The Case Against Sugar with Author Gary Taubes

Spicy Coconut Stew Recipe

One of our most popular recipes, you’ll see why.

Wild Rice Meatballs Recipe

All ages love this classic. A great recipe to double and freeze the leftovers.

Chili Recipe

Add a dollop of full-fat sour cream and you’ll have a fully balanced, delicious, meal.