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Imagine how much better your life would be if you had abundant energy, stable moods, a faster metabolism and overall vibrant good health. We teach you to eat real foods in balance to create vitality from the inside out.

Slow Metabolism: The Bread Connection

Find out how processed carbs lead to insulin resistance, slow metabolism and weight gain.

Lifestyle Connections to Fertility

Listen in as we talk about how what we eat affects all aspects of our health, including fertility.

Osteoporosis: Bone-Building Food

A silent health condition with no signs or symptoms until it is too late

The Power of Sleep

Statistics on how crucial sleep is, and how to get more.

Cutting Out Sugar? Where to Start?

It’s hard to know where to start when reducing your sugar intake. We’re sharing our number one tip and a full menu of free of added sugars.

Two Recipes for Summer + Why Food Matters

Video cookbook tour & fresh new recipes.


Magic of Minerals ONLINE

Discover how to identify if you have a mineral deficiency & what you can do to solve the problem. Take this class at your convenience anytime online!

Nutrition 4 Weight Loss ONLINE

12 class videos + two 1-hour nutritionist counseling session to lose weight and conquer cravings. Access to class videos any time or place that works best for you! Sign Up Now

Upcoming Dishing Up Nutrition Podcasts

Listen live Saturday, 8 a.m. on myTalk 107.1 FM or anytime with our free app on iPhone or Android devices.
July 21: Helping Your Skin Age Gracefully
July 28: Helpful Supplements for Joint Pain with Dr. Robert Silverman
August 4: Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia

Curry Chicken Cucumber Salad

Looking for a new twist on your standard salad with chicken breast?

Pink Lemonade Frozen Pops

A perfect frozen treat for kids and grown-ups alike.

Asian Salmon Salad Recipe

The perfect light, yet satisfying, salad for summer.

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