Ongoing Support & Education

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8 week sessions in person or via Zoom


Nutrition 4 Weight Loss

Ongoing Support & Education


A New Offering in the Expanded Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program


Ongoing Support & Education has been thoughtfully designed to provide continued nutrition education and support to graduates of the 12-week program*. The new offering is available in 8-week increments allowing you to decide when and how often you would like support, whether that be eight weeks, six months, one year or somewhere in between!

Classes in Ongoing Support & Education are conversation based - we are ready to answer all of your nutrition questions and we encourage to share and discuss with each other in the group what's working for you as well as your struggles. 

*Completion of the 12-week program is required before starting Ongoing Support & Education.

Enrollment in Ongoing Support & Education includes:

  • Flexible format – choose from in-person or virtual on Zoom
  • Weekly topics ranging from stress management to meal planning to behavior change and more
  • Weekly challenges to hold you accountable
  • Discount on purchases from NutriKey
  • Discount on nutrition counseling


Ongoing Support & Education upcoming session start dates:

(All classes are Central Time)

In Person Classes
Monday, March 20th @ 6:30 pm in Woodbury
Tuesday, March 21st @6:30 pm in Maple Grove and St Paul
Wednesday, March 22nd @ 6:30 pm in Wayzata
Thursday, March 23rd @ 6:30 pm in Eagan and North Oaks

Virtual Zoom Classes
Monday, March 20th @ 6:30 pm 
Wednesday, March 22nd @ 12:00 pm 
Thursday, March 23rd @ 6:30 pm

What Participants are Saying


“Ongoing Support & Education is a great way to dive deeper into the lessons introduced in the N4WL Foundations series. For those that want a little more "why" behind the "what to do," this is for them. It's also a unique class format where there is more flexibility for group discussion, which is an opportunity for class participants to talk about how they have put the plan into practice. Participants share new perspectives and strategies that have worked for them which others can adopt and try for themselves. One person's challenge is another's victory, so it's a cool dynamic to see participants lift each other up.”– Ongoing Support & Education Educator

“Ongoing Support & Education was the class I didn’t know I needed. Building on the Foundations of Nutrition 4 Weight Loss, each class offered a deeper dive into nutrition concepts and emphasized sharing personal experiences and ideas. I have a unique bond to the participants in my group. My experience wouldn’t have been as great as it was without their presence and sharing.”
– Ongoing Support & Education Participant

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