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Nutrition 4 Weight Loss

Ongoing Support & Education



A New Offering in the Expanded Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program


Ongoing Support & Education has been thoughtfully designed to provide continued nutrition education and support to graduates of the 12-week program*. The new offering is available in 8-week increments allowing you to decide when and how often you would like support, whether that be eight weeks, six months, one year or somewhere in between!

Weekly group meetings in Ongoing Support & Education are conversation based - we are ready to answer all of your nutrition questions and we encourage to share and discuss with each other in the group what's working for you as well as your struggles. 

*Completion of the 12-week program is required before starting Ongoing Support & Education.

Enrollment in Ongoing Support & Education includes:

  • Flexible format – choose from in-person or virtual on Zoom
  • Weekly topics ranging from stress management to meal planning to behavior change and more
  • Weekly challenges to hold you accountable
  • Discount on purchases from NutriKey
  • Discount on nutrition counseling


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What Participants are Saying

"The instruction and community of other like-minded healthy people is priceless." – Ongoing Support & Education Participant

"A positive and informative group. This is not a diet, it is a way of life to lead a healthy lifestyle for all ages!!" – Ongoing Support & Education Participant

"It’s a nice way to refresh important information from the original Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program." – Ongoing Support & Education Participant

“Ongoing Support & Education was the group I didn’t know I needed. Building on the Foundations of Nutrition 4 Weight Loss, each week offered a deeper dive into nutrition concepts and emphasized sharing personal experiences and ideas. I have a unique bond to the participants in my group. My experience wouldn’t have been as great as it was without their presence and sharing.”
– Ongoing Support & Education Participant


How much does the program cost?

The cost of Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Ongoing Support & Education varies based on the package selected.

Ongoing Support & Education includes:

  • Eight* one-hour group sessions facilitated by a certified nutrition educator, passionate about helping you feel your best and achieve your health goals
  • Weekly challenges
  • Access to the private Facebook group “Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Community” moderated by nutritionists and nutrition educators

           *Total number of group sessions depends on the package selected.

Packages start at just $199! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Our credit-card only payment plan is a popular way to breakdown the registration fee.

Ongoing Support & Education:

  • 16-week | $129 down followed by two payments of $100 every four weeks
  • 24-week | $150 down followed by three payments of $100 every four weeks

Call our front desk at 651-699-3438 to set up a payment option.

Do you have to purchase anything else?

No – you will not need to buy any items (outside of your regular grocery store trips) to participate in Ongoing Support & Education.

What if I can't attend a group meeting?

We understand that life happens and there may be times when your schedule conflicts with an upcoming session of Ongoing Support & Education. When possible, we encourage you to attend the group date/time you initially registered for, but should a schedule conflict arise, we invite you to contact one of our office locations. We will work with you so you can attend another group session within the same week on a different date/time either in person or virtually.

What if I took Foundations years ago?

Ongoing Support & Education is designed to provide continued support in building and maintaining healthy habits regardless of where you might be on your personal health and wellness journey.

Is there an order to the 8-week sessions?

No – unlike Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Foundations, Ongoing Support & Education has been designed to cover a variety of nutrition topics to benefit participants regardless of where they are on their health journey, whether it’s their first round of Ongoing Support & Education or their fifth!

Can I start anytime?

Unlike Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Foundations, Ongoing Support & Education has been designed so you can start (and restart) the 8-week sessions as often as you like. This means you can enroll in any Ongoing Support & Education series, but you will always “start” on the group start date (no mid-series enrollments).  

Below are a few examples showing the flexibility of Ongoing Support & Education:

  1. Jane enjoys the group dynamic and continued support throughout the year; she registers for each 8-week session over the course of nine months.
  2. Bill & Lauren work remotely and spend the summer at the lake with their kids; they register for the spring and fall 8-week sessions, skipping the summer session.
  3. Sharon is dedicated to eating the Weight & Wellness Way but feels she gets off track around the holidays; each year, she registers for the Ongoing Support & Education session that starts in October.

Is a group environment right for me?

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be the most outgoing person in the room (or on Zoom) or an extravert to benefit from and support your peers. Showing up each week gives you the opportunity to learn new tips and strategies, and each week you show up, your peers benefit from seeing they’re not alone on their health journey. It’s a win-win!

What if I follow a vegetarian diet?

At Nutritional Weight & Wellness, we focus on real food nutrition, in balance, including beneficial carbohydrates, healthy fats and animal protein. This approach to nutrition is discussed in our group sessions. However, if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, we believe there is a host of valuable nutrition information, support, and encouragement unique to the Ongoing Support & Education program from which you will still benefit.

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