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5 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

amount for your body. Hormone Issues Estrogen dominance is too much estrogen compared to your
Often when clients have had trouble losing weight, it’s due to these 5 issues.

Perimenopause: Night Sweats, Mood Swings and Weight Gain

which creates a condition called estrogen dominance. This all happens naturally at perimenopause
Learn how having excess estrogen during perimenopause can lead to night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and even weight gain.

Not Losing Weight? Hormone Issues Could Be to Blame

your weight loss. One of those culprits is estrogen dominance. Estrogen … estrogen dominance is too much estrogen compared to your … but not as much as progesterone. How Estrogen Dominance Slows Metabolism Estrogen stores fat and
Hormone issues often stalls metabolism, read on to learn indicators of this issue and how to get started reversing it.

The Hormone Connection to Weight Loss

sometimes worse because that underlying estrogen dominance
There are many reasons people gain weight when they have hormonal shifts. Long-term stress causes hormonal shifts (and can lead to weight gain), many women gain weight during PMS and perimenopause. Today, we are going to focus on three major categories of…

Nutrition to Reduce Back Pain

about how I was estrogen positive and how estrogen dominance really can affect us. And that is on our

5 Hormone-Related Symptoms That Often Go Ignored

estrogen dominance. What you can … my first thought is this is a sign of estrogen dominance. Through changing their diet … All of the above instances can be a sign of estrogen dominance. I’m pleased to say I’ve had clients that
Annoying hormone-related symptoms often go ignored because we’ve been told they’re “normal.” Read on for what a nutritionist tells her clients and how to get relief, naturally.

Weight Loss Problem - High Estrogen

We see a lot of estrogen dominance in … men can also have estrogen dominance. Estrogen in men is so essential for … I think you have some estrogen dominance going on for sure. And we started treating
Did you know that it can be more difficult to lose weight if your hormones are out of balance? Having excess levels of estrogen could be why your weight loss is slowing down or why you’re having difficulty losing weight altogether. Listen in to today’s Di…

Hormone Balance After 40

which helps you develop estrogen dominance. … You had mentioned estrogen dominance. Would you mind explaining to listeners more … let's talk about that. Estrogen dominance is an excess of harmful toxic estrogens in

Foods to Improve Fertility

that mimic estrogen in our body and the estrogen dominance is really quite common in women … men have it too. And essentially estrogen dominance for women is too much estrogen in comparison
Why has infertility become such an issue for so many couples? When we look at the research, there are direct links to toxins in our environment and to nutritional deficiencies. Listen in to today’s podcast as we discuss how food and nutrition matter when …

Nutrition to Help Infertility

on and on. These chemicals can contribute to estrogen dominance in both men and … other things. You can learn more about estrogen dominance by checking out previous podcasts and
Learn how nutrition can affect infertility.

PMS Relief (Cramps, Mood Swings, Fatigue)

Estrogen Dominance Hormonal Migraines and Moods Transcript
Do you suffer from uncomfortable PMS symptoms like cramps, mood swings and fatigue? Did you know that simply changing your food choices could actually reduce these symptoms? Listen in as we talk about PMS symptoms and what we, as nutritionist, find helpfu…

Prostate and Men's Health

but it's really the estrogen dominance that many times creates that inflammation of
How many men struggle with prostate problems and what are the most common prostate problems? Find out what some of the most common symptoms are and how you can keep your prostate healthy. Listen in to learn about how eating the right foods, and avoiding o…

Perimenopause Q & A with Ann Louise Gittleman

and that's because of that estrogen dominance that you spoke … the real key behind the estrogen dominance syndrome
Do you suffer from insomnia, hormone fluctuations, irritability, or thyroid issues? These symptoms, and more, can be related to perimenopause, the stage before menopause. Ann Louise Gittleman, First Lady of Nutrition, answers questions about how to han…

Habits Sabotaging Weight Loss

to have excess estrogen and that is called estrogen dominance. So these excess estrogens really can cause
You have a busy day, don’t feel like cooking, so you order some take-out food and the next day you have an excruciating migraine. Every month you get a hormone-related headache, why? Or, maybe you keep getting sinus headaches and can’t find the cause. …

Fibrocystic Breasts, Endometriosis & Fibroid Tumors

Podcast Episodes PCOS and Weight Gain  Estrogen Dominance  Hormonal Migraines and Moods  … which is called estrogen dominance. … connection. It always gets back to that estrogen dominance piece. Women who experience estrogen
We’re sharing the estrogen connections with the many uncomfortable symptoms associated of fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis and fibroid tumors along with when they’re more likely to develop. Behind these hormonal disorders there is a nutrition connection…

Menopause: Moods, Memory & More

but many men have estrogen dominance as well and it would show up as prostate … this down. This common condition called Estrogen dominance means we accumulate too much
On the podcast today we’re helping women through menopause and peri-menopause. We walk through the common complaints that we hear from clients during this phase in life, along with actual nutritional solutions that can reduce symptoms such as hot flashes,…

Hormones, Hot Flashes and Holiday Fare

to balance the estrogen dominance. Many women experience renewed
‘Tis the season to celebrate, but for many women the holidays are a time of great discomfort. We sweat, get red and our hair may drip because we have hot flashes. Have you ever thought that what you are eating can contribute to your hot flashes?

Understanding Estrogen Dominance

may be a sign of high estrogen levels or estrogen dominance. The hormone estrogen may have you thinking … but men are also impacted by estrogen dominance. Although excess estrogen in the body can
The hormone estrogen may have you thinking this is just a female issue, but men are also impacted by estrogen dominance. Although excess estrogen in the body can lead to health issues, there are things you can do to avoid it.

Manage Menopausal Symptoms

Some women sail effortlessly through menstrual cycle changes and on to menopause with no issues. But for those of you having mood swings, hot flashes and sleep problems, this show is for you! Learn why starting your day with a breakfast of cereal, milk an…

Estrogen Dominance

With all the misinformation about estrogen and hormones these days it can be hard to decide what is accurate. Listen as Darlene Kvist, Kate Crosby, and special guest Greg Peterson clear up myths about estrogen levels, HRT, birth control, and xenoestrogens…

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