Breaking the Sugar Habit

Curb sugar cravings, improve your health and eat more nutritious food with this online class.

End Sugar Side-Effects

Sugar has a powerful hold on us, but what makes it so addictive?
Most Americans consume 160 pounds of sugar a year! It all comes back to our biochemistry: eating sugar leads to more sugar cravings and for some, to sugar binges. In this class, you'll learn how to stop sugar addiction and replace it with more nutritious, healthful food.

Learn how to curb your cravings or tame sugar binges with balanced eating 


Find out what supplements can help support your intestinal tract and brain


Learn more about how breaking your sugar habit now can prevent serious health complications in the future


"This was so informative and helpful. It's motivated me to change the way I eat and what I'm giving my kids."

"This class was a great reminder that sugar is everywhere and is dangerous for us to be consuming."

ONLINE.jpgBreaking the Sugar Habit - Online Class

Keep your schedule flexible and take this class online in just 38 minutes that are packed full of great information. You have 120 days from the purchase date to watch the class. Print a digital handout to follow along and take notes. You will also receive a 10% discount on all products purchased through NutriKey.

Price: $25

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