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Ongoing Support & Education

A New Offering in the Expanded Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program


Ongoing Support & Education has been thoughtfully designed to provide continued nutrition education and support to graduates of the 12-week program*. The new offering is available in 8-week increments allowing you to decide when and how often you would like support, whether that be eight weeks, six months, one year or somewhere in between!

*Completion of the 12-week program is required before starting Ongoing Support & Education.

Enrollment in Ongoing Support & Education includes:

  • Flexible format – choose from in-person or virtual on Zoom
  • Weekly classes on nutrition topics ranging from stress management to meal planning to behavior change and more
  • Weekly challenges to hold you accountable
  • Discount on purchases from NutriKey
  • Discount on nutrition counseling


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ENROLL in 8 Week Class - Select Start Date

ENROLL in 16 Week Class - Select Start Date

ENROLL in 24 Week Class - Select Start Date

A Special Message from Dar

The Why Behind Ongoing Support & Education

Ongoing Support & Education


I became aware of the valuable information that many people don’t have or haven’t thought about while planning and developing Dishing Up Nutrition radio shows and podcasts over the years. For example:

  • The connection between high fructose corn syrup and the development of fatty liver later in life
  • How sleeping just 5-6 hours a night drastically slows a person’s metabolism
  • Or, how poor gum health is related to poor metabolism

There are so many topics and so much information that we need to share because we want people to enjoy better health. And, we understand to make changes, people need ongoing support and education. That is why I am excited to be offering Ongoing Support & Education, a continuation of the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program. In this class, we will dive deeper into familiar, but critical topics while incorporating in new ones. We looked at the most recent nutrition research, as well as how to best help people understand and change emotional eating habits.

Ongoing Support & Education is conversation based and we are ready to answer all of your nutrition questions. We will discuss how to manage social situations, the power of habits, the positive and negative sides of stress, the chemistry of cravings, and, of course, the love of sugar.

I look forward to enjoying this continued health journey with all of you.

In Health,
Dar Kvist, founder of Nutritional Weight & Wellness

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