Brandy Buro, MS, RD, LD

Brandy-small.jpgBrandy is a great example of using food as fuel to do the things she loves most: running marathons, dancing, biking and exploring Minnesota’s lakes and hiking trails. Growing up, Brandy was told at a young age that “being fat is in our genes.” But after seeing close relatives deal with life-threatening diagnoses related to obesity (in addition to needing plus-size clothing by age 13), she was determined to change her part in that story. Brandy began cutting out processed food and incorporating more vegetables into her diet, and the scale went down 50 pounds. As an added benefit, acne and joint pain gradually faded too. Feeling confident and comfortable in her skin for the first time, Brandy researched nutrition for fun, leading later to her career. Today, as a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition, her mission is to help people discover for themselves the positive impact real food can make in their lives.

“It gives me so much joy to help people make meaningful changes and witness the powerful transformations that follow. I remember how empowering it felt to take control of my health, and I want to help my clients do the same. I love sharing what I know and learning from my clients’ experiences in the process.” With her history and experience, Brandy has the empathy and know-how to tweak the real food approach for anyone’s life. “I aim to learn what motivates you and help you reach your goals with strategies that utilize your strengths and are realistic for your lifestyle. Change is not easy and may take some trial and error before determining what approach works best for you. Give yourself grace in the process.”

Education and Credentials

Brandy is a registered dietitian licensed through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She earned her B.S. in dietetics and completed her M.S. in Nutrition and Exercise Science at North Dakota State University. She has professional experience as a clinical dietitian, nutrition educator, cooking class instructor, and personal chef.

Office Locations

Brandy sees clients at the St. Paul office or via Zoom.

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