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It is with heavy hearts that we share that our beloved JoAnn Ridout passed away early April after a brief illness. Her family is in our hearts and we are grateful to have known her bright spirit.

JoAnn has always appreciated the value of good nutrition because diabetes and cancer run in her family. Not only does JoAnn understand chronic diseases, but also she has taken on challenging and complex health conditions when she worked as a registered dietitian at Courage Center for 25 years. JoAnn brings extensive experience, along with compassion and understanding to your health concerns.

“Real food has helped me manage my own back pain and digestive problems and has taught me that nutrition is the first answer to any health problem. I look forward to helping you find your nutritional answers, too.”

Education and Credentials

JoAnn graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics and a master of science in public health. As a registered dietitian and nutrition educator, she has experience in therapeutic nutrition counseling, weight management, and nutrition education. JoAnn found her work with clients at Courage Center rewarding and because she saw a need, she developed a specialized weight management program for persons with disabilities and other complex medical issues. She has taught community weight loss classes and has experience in hospitals, rehabilitation and long term care.

Office locations

JoAnn sees clients at the Wayzata and Maple Grove offices.

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