Monica Hoss, MS, RD, LD

Monica Hoss MS  RD LD.jpgMonica grew up in a household where her mom always cooked homemade and healthy dinners. Her family comes from Mexico where food plays a huge role in their culture and big family meals were spent around the kitchen table for hours, so cooking and food were an important part of growing up. Monica remembers how her mom had a book called Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal, which she loved reading and was one of her first introductions into learning about how different foods can be used as medicine.

Despite strong family roots in healthy food, Monica struggled with her weight and turned to fad diets to manage her weight in her early teens. “I didn’t have a good relationship with food or my body. I thought low calorie was the best diet and started to have patterns of binging and restricting. This gave me a lot of guilt around food. It wasn’t until I started studying nutrition that I relaxed many of my food “rules” and learned to eat intuitively by listening to my body.” It took many years to heal from harmful dieting, but she now has a healthy relationship with food and her body. “This personal experience gives me a lot of empathy and understanding on what it’s like to struggle with food, which I use to help guide my clients who might be experiencing a similar challenge.” In addition to intuitive eating, she has a particular interest in how managing blood sugars help balance hormones as she has seen how important it is for her and her own body.

Initially, Monica went to school for psychology because she loved connecting with people and understanding how they think, act, and feel. However, after graduating, she decided to pursue nutrition counseling so she could merge her passion of nutrition WITH counseling. Her psychology background helps her guide her clients through making lifestyle changes that stick.

“I like to be very realistic with people and have them make small changes at a time so that they can turn them into habits. I’m big on giving yourself grace and having a positive mindset when it comes to healthy eating. I want to break the “all or nothing” mentality and help people to develop a healthy relationship with food. My goal is for my clients to stop letting food control their lives and instead have it become a natural part of their lives that doesn’t require overthinking.”

Outside of work, Monica loves cooking, staying active, traveling, and exploring the cities with her husband and her kids.

Education and Credentials

Monica Hoss is a registered dietitian licensed through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her B.S. in Psychology from University of St. Thomas and later went on to complete her dietetics coursework at St. Catherine’s University. She completed her dietetic internship and Masters of Nutrition Science degree from Texas Woman’s University. Monica’s professional experience includes counseling pregnant and postpartum women, young children, and wellness coaching. She is also fluent in Spanish!

Office Locations

Monica sees clients at the St. Paul office and the Woodbury office and via Zoom.

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