Workplace Wellness Client Testimonials


Incredible to Work With

Our firm offered the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program (12 weeks), for our employees to participate in earlier this year. We had the weekly classes at our offices during the lunch hour.  The interest level in participating was so high that we had a waiting list. The program was a great success!  Many participants experienced positive changes in their health, weight and the fit of their clothing. The staff at Nutritional Weight & Wellness were incredible to work with. They handled all of the registration and payments, which helped lighten the load with the administrative pieces that can go with offering these types of programs. The nutritionists were extremely knowledgeable and helpful! Every week, our attendance for class was high and I still have employees commenting on how much they enjoyed the class and how it has helped them. We would definitely consider offering another program through Nutritional Weight & Wellness in the future! They are a great group of professionals to work with!

— Shawn A., Gray Plant Mooty

Well-Informed & Up-to-Date Presentations

Our employees are sending us great feedback on our wellness series provided by Nutritional Weight & Wellness.  Many employees have been surprised by learning that foods they love are actually recommended, like real butter (no margarine) and foods like great grandma used to make.  The men in our workplace are very complimentary of the presentations.  Our presenters have been very well informed and up to date on the newest information pertaining to nutrition. 

— Chris Dacus VP Operations, Central Region, Interstate PowerSystems

Outstanding From Start to Finish

The hour-long Weight & Wellness classes were held doing our lunch break, which was very convenient. One might wonder how this topic could take 12 weeks to teach, but we quickly learned how much we didn’t know about healthy eating and the science behind it. Each class was professionally presented, and Britni and Cassie were so engaging that we hated to see the classes end. They taught us not only how to make better food choices, but why. The cookbook that comes with the workshop has recipes that are easy to make and taste amazing. I would highly recommend this series and the wonderful people at Nutritional Weight & Wellness. Outstanding from start to finish!

— Deb Werz, Donatelle 

Professional & Knowledgeable

Carolyn led a breakout session on nutrition and sleep at our 2019 Women's Wellness event. She was professional, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. Attendees reported that she was top-notch, that they learned new helpful facts, and that they would be eager to see her present on more topics.

— Anna Hall, A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation 

Prepared & Easy to Work With

Shelby from Nutritional Weight & Wellness provided several workshops for our facility.  Shelby is a great presenter; she engages our employees in the workshop and provided suggestions, facts and material for our employees to help boost their metabolism and get a better night sleep.  Our experience with Nutritional Weight & Wellness has been great because they are easy to work with, attentive to schedule details and prepared for each seminar.

— Brenda Osler, Onto Innovation

Improve the Health of Employees

Mel presented The Magic of Minerals to our agency in November 2018.  We learned the  symptoms of the five most common mineral deficiencies and how making simple changes to our diets could help reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation as well as improve sleep.  I really liked how Mel encouraged getting these minerals through food first with supplements if needed.  She also gave us recipes that combined foods high in the minerals that a majority of people are lacking, which made these changes easy and delicious!  Mel is so knowledgeable and well prepared, and was able to answer any questions we had.   We have been so happy with Nutritional Weight & Wellness as part of our agency’s wellness program and I would highly recommend them to any company wanting to improve the health of their employees.

— Andrea Ulstrom, Scott County CDA

Thorough & Good at Engaging with Questions

Lea did an excellent job.  She is very thorough, knows the subject matter very well and is good at engaging with questions.  It was helpful to hear her personal journey in that it makes it more real with choices we face daily. It is nice to know that change can happen at any level by making changes slowly and incorporating food that is good for you or taking away bad foods.  Some of the feedback I received was that the presentation was very good and people were glad they went, and it was helpful learning how much sugar is in food, like popcorn.

— Marnie Fogarty | Wellbeing Team

Knowledgeable, Prepared & Friendly

ONLY glowing reports from Lea’s presentation today! She is really good – knows her stuff and is able to get back on track when asked questions in the middle of her presentation. She arrived early, was prepared, and commented to the group on how nice it was to see some familiar, as well as new, faces. Our staff genuinely likes and enjoys her.

— Doris Swanson | City of Richfield 

Knowledge & Passion for Helping Others

Teresa Wagner spoke to our group of seniors about forming healthy habits in November 2017 and everyone was very impressed with her knowledge and passion for helping others to a healthier life! Teresa catered her presentation to meet the needs of our group and made a topic that some may find confusing and overwhelming easy to understand. Teresa was a very engaging presenter and was wonderful to work with—she showed up early, kept her presentation within our time limits and even kept time for questions at the end. We certainly hope to have her back in the future!

— Gabrielle Martinson | Mall of America

Realistic Workplace Weight Loss Class 

Nutritional Weight & Wellness provided a workplace wellness nutritional seminar series for employees at Tokyo Electron – FSI. Participants found this course to be very informational and the presenters, Lynn and Britni, to be very knowledgeable and engaging. The plan highlights good fats and minimizing sugar to increase metabolism, which is a realistic and “doable” formula to healthfully eating for a lifetime. We very much enjoyed the series and would like to include additional series in the future.  

                                                                                       — Christina Mueller | TEL

Success for Program Participants

UCare employees have been receiving services from Nutritional Weight & Wellness staff since 2014. The program has rapidly grown thanks to the many successes experienced by program participants. Testimonials from clients include improved knowledge of overall nutrition, increased energy, improved sleep, weight loss*, and decreased lower back pain. In addition, employees greatly appreciate the 1:1 appointment style and customization offered by Nutritional Weight & Wellness. We have found this to be a sound investment in the overall health and well-being of our employees at UCare.  

—Vanessa MacCallum | UCare

Lost 20 Pounds & Kept It Off

My experience with Nutritional Weight & Wellness has been so positive. I have learned to eat correctly and enjoy it. I have lost 20 pounds* and have kept it off for 8 months. My cholesterol is down over 50 points. I can’t say enough good about working with these wonderful and helpful people.

—Cheryl | UCare employee

Impressive Content, Knowledge, Responsiveness & Flexibility

We’ve had Nutritional Weight & Wellness conduct our onsite wellness seminars and attend our annual wellness fair for almost five years now. We’ve always been very impressed with their seminar content, knowledgeable speakers and responsiveness and flexibility when scheduling our onsite wellness events. We give them 5 stars!

—Denise Hrncir | Dakota Electric Association

Incredible Package of Workshops

Nutritional Weight & Wellness developed an incredible package of workshops serving our community members and participants from our programs which serve individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other learning challenges. Nutritional education can have such a dramatic impact on the quality of life for our clients, and we found that the presenter was well equipped to provide a motivating presentation of relevant material. She was able to meet our participants on their level when it comes to the healthy eating challenges that often coincide with ASD and learning disabilities.

—Aaron Carper | Minnesota Life College

Life-Changing Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional Weight & Wellness has been providing counseling services to the Metropolitan Airports Commission since 2008. The advice I received from NWW literally changed my life! I am sleeping better, am no longer tired at the end of my work day and have absolutely NO cravings. Other comments I have heard from employees:

  • The counseling sessions go beyond diet.
  • I have learned how to increase my fruits and vegetables and the importance
    of good fat!
  • Getting rid of sugar has changed my life!

—Lynn Sorensen | MAC Wellness Team Member

Loved The Sessions & Individual Attention To Unique Needs

The City of Eden Prairie started our journey with Nutritional Weight & Wellness by hosting a series of lunch and learns. Due to the numerous requests from employees to continue to offer the sessions we decided to have a nutritionist on site twice a month. Employees were able to have one-on-one sessions and learn what nutritional needs were appropriate for their body type, age, lifestyle, medical needs...Employees loved the sessions and the individual attention to their unique needs.

—Lori Kerns | City of Eden Prairie

Class Was A Huge Success

The City of Mendota Heights held its first ever nutrition class through Nutritional Weight & Wellness for our employees. Lea presented the Foods for Great Energy class. The class was a HUGE SUCCESS and Lea was AWESOME! Lea even stayed after class to answer additional questions. Employees were still talking about it the morning after. One employee even stopped another employee (who did not attend the class) from eating Cheetos. Another employee vowed to give up her Pepsi and chocolate snack in the afternoon after learning the snack equaled 16 tsp. of sugar. The Foods for Great Energy class was a great start to a wellness program and bring employees back to the basics of good nutrition.

I only heard one concern and that was the class wasn’t long enough, they wanted to hear more!

—Tamara Schutta, PHR | City of Mendota Heights

Informative, Enlightening & Entertaining

Cassie Weness, LD, RD, conducted a breakout session during Trusight's 2011 Annual Benefits Conference. Due to the very positive remarks received, we invited Cassie to present a keynote lunch presentation during the recent 2012 conference. Cassie presented an informative, enlightening and entertaining custom presentation on "Stress-Busting Foods." She used examples and products that resonated with all attendees. Evaluations included comments such as:

  • Provided information I can use in my life
  • Really enjoyed this session!
  • She's very good!
  • She was an excellent speaker!

—Kathryn Helmke, SPHR | Trusight

Employees Raved About Classes & Nutrition Counseling

“Last year at this time…I didn’t feel very well. Thanks to the Health and Wellness Programs here at Lindquist & Vennum, I found the help that I needed. After attending one of the classes, Food and Mood, I had a consultation with Cassie and we decided that I had a problem with gluten. Since September of 2010 I have lost 39 pounds* and lots of inches. I now eat gluten free, I have so much more energy and I sleep like it’s heaven.

“The seminar speakers were very knowledgeable and helped me to understand just how much sugar is in everything and how that affects my body, my mood, and my health. Having that visual really helped me.”

“The private consultation gave me new and fresh insight into healthy recipes and snacks. I became aware of vitamins and/minerals plan that is designed for my specific needs.”

“After hearing Cassie speak on good fats and balanced nutrition, I decided to give the Nutritional Weight and Wellness way a try. I lost 25 pounds in 6 months*, have more energy, and am sleeping better. Getting rid of excess sugar and eating the right amount of good fats makes me feel satisfied, and I no longer have any cravings. This is definitely the way I will eat from now on!”

—Employee comments on nutrition counseling and classes
Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P

Practical & Straightforward With Specific Strategies

The Balanced Food for Balanced Moods class was highly engaging with opportunities to ask questions. The presenter was highly knowledgeable with a wealth of resources readily accessible. Participants stayed after the session and were enthusiastic. The class was practical and straightforward with specific strategies to begin to change health habits. Highly recommended.

—Sharon Burrell | North St. Paul - Maplewood - Oakdale Schools


*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

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