Workplace Nutrition Classes & Webinars

Are your employees making the connection between what they eat and how they feel? Simply put, food choices can set them up for a positive and productive day or for a day of distraction, low moods and anxiety, as well as health problems down the road.

What health concerns are you seeing in your organization? Diabetes, cardiovascular problems, mental health issues, pain and inflammation, obesity, stress? With over 20 class topics, we’ve got you covered.

Our classes bring fresh thinking and the latest research around the power of eating real (and delicious) food to many health concerns, both big and small. At this time, all of our classes are being taught virtually (via Zoom or on your preferred platform). 

  • Help educate and motivate employees looking to improve their nutrition and develop healthier habits to prevent or manage health issues.
  • Every class shows employees the connection to how food makes a difference, whether it’s to manage stress, balance blood sugar, or reduce inflammation.
  • Our licensed nutritionists and dietitians are passionate about nutrition, and it shows – they make classes interesting, relatable, and importantly, practical.

See all of our Workplace Wellness class descriptions and Cooking Demonstration class descriptions to choose the topics that are the best fit for your organization. Start with one class or take advantage of our series discount to stretch your wellness budget.

Contact Helen Buron at or 651-288-2707 to bring nutrition classes to your organization and to learn more.

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