Workplace Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition counseling is the most effective way to help employees with specific health concerns, such as digestion, cardiovascular health, blood sugars, sleep, pain and inflammation, anxiety, and fatigue. If you want to have the greatest impact, choose this personalized program for your employees.

Confidential consultations with our licensed nutritionists allow a trusted relationship to form and support employees in making changes to develop healthier habits.

In these sessions our licensed nutritionists and dietitians:

  • Review health history
  • Set goals and discuss strategies
  • Create a personalized eating plan to fit their lifestyles

On-Site Consultations at Your Workplace: Consultations are booked in half or full day blocks of time. Initial consultations last one hour; follow-up appointments are thirty minutes. Our starter packages consist of one initial and two follow-up appointments.

Consultations for Employees: These appointments offer the flexibility and convenience of Monday through Saturday daytime hours and some evenings.

Workplace Nutritionist Counseling Client Testimonials

Success for Program Participants 
"UCare employees have been receiving services from Nutritional Weight & Wellness staff since 2014. The program has rapidly grown thanks to the many successes experienced by program participants. Testimonials from clients include improved knowledge of overall nutrition, increased energy, improved sleep, weight loss*, and decreased lower back pain. In addition, employees greatly appreciate the 1:1 appointment style and customization offered by Nutritional Weight & Wellness. We have found this to be a sound investment in the overall health and wellbeing of our employees at UCare." —Vanessa MacCallum | UCare

Life-Changing Nutrition Counseling 
"The advice I received from Nutrition Weight & Wellness literally changed my life! I am sleeping better, am no longer tired at the end of the work day and have NO cravings." —Lynn Sorensen, MAC Employee

Contact Helen Buron to schedule nutrition counseling at your workplace.

If you're looking for individual in-person or virtual nutrition counseling, visit our Nutrition Counseling page.

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