Nutrition Classes

We believe that people need education to make lasting changes to their health. That’s why we offer a variety of in-person and online classes to help you meet your health goals.

Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program

12 classes + two 1-hour nutritionist counseling session to lose weight and conquer cravings.

In Person

Take a look at our upcoming classes!

Weight & Wellness Class Series

Improve all areas of your health, from energy to digestion, with this comprehensive class.

In Person

Weekend Weight & Wellness Seminar

Learn how to improve all areas of your health in a convenient weekend seminar.

In Person

The Menopause Survival Seminar

A natural way to manage hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia and weight gain.

In Person

The Food Connection to ADHD Seminar

ADHD affects increasing numbers of children and adults, fortunately, nutrition can help.

In Person

Grocery Store Tours

We will show you how to navigate the never-ending aisles of food products.

In Person

Preventing Osteoporosis with Bone Building Foods

Learn which foods build bones and understand the factors that put your bones at risk.

In Person

Nutritional Solutions for Better Digestion

Discover how to identify the cause of you digestive problems & find relief though nutrition.

In Person

Five Steps to Boost Metabolism

Rev up your metabolism by making simple changes to the foods you eat every day.

In Person

Good Foods Good Moods

Learn how to start your day off right and keep your moods balanced all day long with real food!

In Person

Eating to Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Learn which foods cause aches and pains and which foods reduce inflammation.

In Person

Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Learn which foods and nutrients are critical for sleep.

In Person
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