Dana.jpgDana Cizinski, MS, RD, LD, IFNCP

Dana has always had a love for food and an interest in integrative health. Dana knows first-hand the importance of how eating real food can affect the body. She has always had issues with hypoglycemia and as a teenager her friends would joke about not letting her get hungry because she would become very irritable (also shaky and exhausted). She wasn’t surprised to recently find out that her labs revealed elevated insulin levels, which is an early sign of insulin resistance. By taking the lead from the cues her body gives her, she has learned how to stay ahead of her hypoglycemia symptoms. She’s been able to manage this by eating real food, and she loves combining fresh flavors to make a delicious tasting meal.

As a dietitian and wellness coach, Dana loves being able to help people discover the importance of how what they eat affects all aspects of their health. She enjoys helping people establish the root cause of their illness with individualized nutrition plans. Her goal is to provide personalized care to each individual based on their needs and improve their physical and mental health. As a functional nutritionist, her approach is focused on finding the reason for imbalance in the body and restoring health versus treating the symptoms to provide temporary relief.

Dana understands that learning to eat well can take time and planning, but once you establish the routine, it is well worth the effort. She works at each client’s pace to help them formulate their own plan of action to reach their personal health goals.

Education and Credentials

Dana completed her undergraduate degree in Natural Health Sciences from Bastyr University. She has a master's degree in Nutrition from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Prior to coming to Nutritional Weight & Wellness, she worked as a Wellness Coach for over 5 years and 7 years in clinical nutrition.

Office Locations

Dana sees clients at the North Oaks location.

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