Jolene Carlson, MS, LN

Jolene-small.jpgFor Jolene, the tragedy of losing both of her beloved parents in their 60’s due to chronic illness impacted her life immensely, both personally and professionally. Jolene says “Their story, which is all too familiar today, could have been prevented or at the very least prolonged with medical advice and education on the value of whole foods (they nourished themselves with the Standard American Diet) and nutritional therapy. It is my hope to help others before their story becomes my parents’ story.”

That experience, coupled with taking charge of her own health, helps Jolene understand clients’ health goals from a variety of angles. “I have found health is a continuous journey where I am always learning how to best nourish my mind and body. Having the ability to feel strong, think clearly, and have energy has been the motivating factor in sustaining health. Losing excess weight is a bonus, but no longer the driver for choosing a healthy way of life.”

When working with clients, Jolene recognizes that health is individualistic and aims to collaborate to develop a health plan unique to their goals and priorities. She aims to help clients understand that “functional nutrition is nourishing your body in a way that allows you to live the life you desire.” With her experience as a high school teacher, she enjoys working with teenagers and families to establish eating habits that promote both physical and mental health.

Outside of work Jolene is the mother of four and is the owner/operator of a 70-acre hobby farm located in Cokato, MN, where she uses sustainable agriculture practices that promote soil health to produce nutrient-dense foods.

Education & Credentials

Jolene is a licensed nutritionist through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. Jolene has a Masters of Education in Natural & Environmental Sciences from Hamline University and a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from University of Western States in Portland, OR. Jolene is also a Certified Personal Trainer, licensed high school educator, and Officer in the Minnesota Army National Guard.

Office Locations

Jolene sees clients at the Wayzata office.

SCHEDULE ONLINE - or - CALL 651-699-3438

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