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Kristi Kalinsky, RD, LD

Kristi leads a busy lifestyle between being a single parent, being physically active, and ensuring that her two kids are eating healthy meals daily. She sees the importance of nutrition and balanced eating in not only with how she feels but with how her kids perform at school and in sports. “When we don’t eat healthy, we tend to suffer. My anxiety will ramp up, and I will struggle with sleeping issues if I don’t eat well. If my kids don’t eat in balance, they lack the energy they need to perform in sports and they find it more difficult to concentrate in school.” Kristi loves to help clients and their families feel their best and understands how food plays a key role in their overall well-being. She also understands the challenge of feeding kids on a tight time table and who can be picky.

Growing up in a family of foodies, Kristi has always been passionate about food and it has always been the center of conversations for her culinary inspired family. “I grew up in a family where conversations revolved around cookbooks, the latest restaurant, and what would be served at family gatherings.”

Although food was always a center focus in her life, the early part of her career found her in the physical fitness arena instead, as an athletic trainer, working in a physical therapy clinic and with high school athletes. “I felt like there was something missing in the work I was doing with my clients and holding them back from achieving their best possible outcome.” It wasn’t until Kristi worked with an athlete that was planning to go to dietetics school that a bell went off. “Food was the missing piece to the puzzle!” It inspired her path to begin the pursuit of education and training in nutrition so she could incorporate that lifelong passion for food into her work. Since that pivotal point, she’s had the opportunity to support pregnant and breastfeeding moms, infants and young children, as well as older adults with very serious health conditions.

Kristi approaches her work with clients with a great deal of empathy and understanding. She knows people are very busy, so she coaches them by breaking down goals into small steps, so they are more easily achievable. “Change won’t happen overnight. It is a journey. We’ll make it doable. When goals are attainable, it is easier to feel and be successful when actively working towards health goals.” 

Kristi is an Iowa native who has many passions outside of work including writing, traveling, exploring new restaurants, downhill skiing, biking and staying active with her dog and two kids.

Education and Credentials

Kristi is a licensed dietitian through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her B.S. in Dietetics from Kansas State University. She also has degrees in Exercise Science and Sports, Health and Leisure Studies from the University of Iowa. In addition to being a licensed and registered dietitian, she is also a certified athletic trainer.

Office Locations

Kristi sees clients at the Maple Grove office or via Zoom.

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