Melissa Kuzma RDN, LD


Melissa grew up in a family struggling to find their way with weight. “I watched my family struggle for years with yo-yo dieting and weight.” As a result Melissa tried every diet right alongside them, thinking she was “healthy” with each new attempt. Unfortunately this road ended up leading her to poor gut health, which created a peptic ulcer and low moods, and even gallbladder issues that she ultimately had removed.

As she began educating herself, Melissa started adding healthy fats back into her diet, reducing sugar, and exercising, resulting in huge improvements to her mental and physical health. “I found myself. After my health tremendously improved, I lead by example, and my family has been inspired to make healthier changes in their diet and lifestyles too.”

Melissa shares that her family's guilt with food and how it affected their bodies and moods is ultimately what inspired her to become a nutritionist. New clients can expect Melissa to meet them where they are and get creative on how to move them forward in their unique health journeys. “You can’t change overnight, but with persistence and time, you will achieve improvements in your well-being.”

Education and Credentials

Melissa is a licensed dietitian through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her B.S. in Dietetics from the College of St. Benedict. She is currently working to also become a certified functional nutritionist. 

Office Locations

Melissa sees clients at the Eden Prarie office.

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