Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

WCCO Morning News
April 27, 2015

Brenna Thompson, RD, LD, joined WCCO's Ali Lucia to talk about how you can do some spring cleaning with your food choices. Brenna explained what you can get rid of and what you should stock up on.

This video is no longer available on the WCCO news website, but here are a few key points from the feature:

  • As a registered dietitian, I recommend to all my clients that they go through their kitchen cupboards around this time of year to make sure that they are making the healthiest choices with the items that are in the cupboards.
  • Remove foods from your cupboards that contain: trans fats, refined oils, MSG, artificial sweeteners, added sugars and high sodium.
  • While going through your cupboards look at the ingredient lists. Look for products that contain the fewest ingredients as possible, 5 or less.

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