Tips to Avoid Too Much Sugar in Your Diet

WCCO 5pm News
February 19, 2014

Angela Davis spent time with our own Brenna Thompson, RD, LD to find out how we can reduce the amount of sugar we take in each day.

This video is no longer available on the WCCO news website, but here are a few key points from the feature:

  • The average American consumes 43 teaspoons of sugar each day!
  • Working to reduce this amount of sugar is a positive step you can take to lose weight and be healthier. 
  • The single best way to increase your metabolism is to replace high sugar, processed foods with real foods. 
  • The American Heart Association recommends that we eat only six tsp. of sugar per day to protect our heart. 



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Will do! Our Front Desk staff will reach out shortly via email. You can also find more How Sugar Damages Your Immune System + How to Cut It Out and How to Cut Out Sugar. 

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