Our #1 Tip to Kickstart Your Body & Your Mind in 2021

By Nikki Doering, RD, LD
December 1, 2020

cookbook-2020.jpgWhat are you going to get yourself for the holidays? How about this year you give yourself the gift of well-being? After this year, you definitely deserve it. You know, that feeling that comes after a satisfying healthy meal. One that nourished you in the moment and will set you up for a successful day or night to come. In a time when so much is up in the air, get back to what you can control. Eating nourishing real foods. Real foods that fuels good moods, good immune systems, lower stress, less pain and inflammation and many more good days. Take the next step into the warm kitchen and get cooking, with the help from The Weight & Wellness Way Cookbook and Nutrition Guide.

We’ve created The Weight & Wellness Way Cookbook and Nutrition Guide to be just that – your guide to cut through the clutter of what’s good for your health and what isn’t. Perhaps you too are confused about what constitutes good food after years/decades of calorie counting and the low-fat message? If so, the Guide is for you – and it’s also a good option if you already know what foods to eat but you want inspiration in the kitchen.

For a look inside, watch Teresa Wagner, a Nutritional Weight & Wellness dietitian, go through some of the book’s highlights. 


To get you inspired to bring more real food into your life, here are two delicious new recipes from our cookbook.

Southwestern Shepherd’s Pie

Chicken and Potato Enchiladas

A little more good news – because goodness knows 2020 needs it-- not only is real food delicious, satisfying and nutritious, but we’ve seen thousands of clients reap the benefits of eating the Weight & Wellness Way with rewards such as stronger, less painful joints, balanced hormones, weight loss, reduced depression, and the list goes on. We also frequently see conditions ranging from MS, colitis and Crohn’s disease go into remission for years. People experience relief from fibromyalgia, acne clears, and cancer patients live longer than predicted, all because of real food!

Let’s kickstart 2021 and your health in more ways than you can imagine! Snag one of our cookbooks if you’re unsure how to start or want to recommit to your health. Know that if you have questions about your unique biochemistry, our nutritionists and dietitians are always here to help

About the author

Nikki is a licensed dietitian at Nutritional Weight & Wellness. Nikki has seen firsthand the tremendous impact nutrition can have on your brain and body. After suffering a concussion with a multitude of related symptoms, Nikki felt lost. “Fortunately I stumbled on a Dishing Up Nutrition podcast on just that topic full of nutrition advice that helped me immensely.” Nikki’s main goal was accomplished when she healed her brain and improved her memory and concentration. Nikki is a registered dietitian and licensed dietitian through the Minnesota Board of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received her B.S. in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview.

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