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Individual Online Classes

Choose from 15 online classes, each just $10, regularly $25! Pick any (or all) of the classes.

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Sugar-Habit-thumb.jpgBreaking the Sugar Habit 

Sugar has a powerful hold on us, but what makes it so addictive? Most Americans consume 160 pounds of sugar a year! It all comes back to our biochemistry: eating sugar leads to more sugar cravings and for some, to sugar binges.


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Why-drink-water_thumb.jpgWhy Drink More Water? 

We’ve all been told to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, yet 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Are you one of them? As a result, our bodies are calling out for more water, in many ways we might not recognize.


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Reducing-Risk-Diabetes-thumb.jpgReducing the Risk of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes 

Are you concerned about developing diabetes? According to the CDC, 45% of the populations is diabetic or pre-diabetic. How can you help prevent this from happening to you? The simple truth is eating real food is the best way to reduce your risk of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

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 Energy-Solution-thumb.jpgYour Energy Solution: Real Food 

Do you wake up tired and have energy slumps mid-morning or mid-afternoon? Nutrition can take you from fatigue to vitality!  When you give your body the right foods, you move from feeling fatigued to feeling good.


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working-memory-thumbnail.jpgBuilding a Better Working Memory

Do you want to maintain your memory or are you worried that those “senior moments” are happening more often?  Your brain depends on you to feed it well. Learn which foods support your memory and concentration.


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Good_Foods_Good_Moods_Thumb.jpgGood Foods Good Moods

Real food is a natural antidepressant and your best source of important vitamins and minerals. Learn how to start your day off right with balanced real food eating and keep your moods balanced all day long with real food! 


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Online_Getting_A_Good_Night_Sleep_Thumb.jpgGetting a Good Night's Sleep

Let’s face it: most of us are sleep deprived. Find out which foods and nutrients are critical for sleep and discover delicious bedtime snacks. Learn tips that can help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and get better quality of sleep. Wake up rested and ready to conquer your days.

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Immune-Building_Foods and_Nutrients_Thumb.jpgImmune-Building Foods and Nutrients

Is your immune system working like it should? Do you catch colds easily? Do you have frequent fatigue, sore throats and often feel achy? Do you get frequent sinus congestion and sinus headaches? If you answered yes, your immune system might need a little boost and proper nutrition can help!

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5 steps to boost metabolism thumb.jpg5 Steps to Boost Metabolism

Want to lose weight without starving and being consumed by cravings? Rev up your metabolism by making simple changes to the foods you eat. Discover which foods and beverages cause you to store weight and which help you lose it. Get back on track with real food to shed those pounds and regain your energy.

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Eating to Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Waking up achy all over? Are muscle spasms, leg cramps or back pain causing you to rely on over-the-counter pain medications? Learn which foods cause aches and pains and which foods reduce inflammation. Simple nutrition changes can help you manage your pain. 

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The Magic of Minerals

Learn the benefits of five important minerals—zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron—along with the body signs that you may be deficient. You’ll also discover the mineral connections to sleep, cravings, crying easily, brittle nails, acne, muscle cramps, chewing ice, and more.

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Class-Gut-Reaction-Thumb.jpgGut Reaction: Restore Digestive Health Through Nutrition

Do you suffer from heartburn, gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea? Learn how the right foods and supplements can restore your digestion.

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Classes_thumb_focusedkids2.jpgFoods to Build Happy, Focused Kids

Are your children picky eaters or junk-food lovers? Are they not hungry at meal times, but then snack all day? Do they drink soda? Are mood swings a problem for them? Discover a new way to feed your children so they perform at their best!

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Class-Gluten-Free-online_Thumb.jpgGoing Gluten Free, the Healthy Way

Do you know what gluten really is and where you find it? How do you know if you have a gluten sensitivity? Make gluten free eating simple and easy with meal planning, shopping tips and recipes.


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Classes_thumb_stress2.jpgStress, Food & You

Stress takes a tremendous toll on your health. Good nutrition can protect you from the health conditions that stress contribute to including heart disease, arthritis, depression, compromised immune system, memory and sleep problems.


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