Our Most Recommended Probiotic: Bifido Balance

By Elizabeth Leppart, MS, LN
March 19, 2020

probiotics.jpgAt this time of heightened sensitivity to our immune system our first line of defense is always food, but second up I always recommend Bifido Balance, a blend of bifidobacteria, the most populated good bacteria in a healthy digestive tract. We recommend this to people who are new to probiotics to give their gut a boost of healthy bacteria. Anyone experiencing digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, or even cravings can benefit from Bifido Balance as it works to boost beneficial bacteria to restore a balanced gut.

Most of my clients understand that probiotics support digestion, but on top of that everybody needs a healthy population of bifidobacteria to support their immune system. To make sure your immunity is well supported, you may benefit from supplementing with a good probiotic like Bifido Balance. 

Beyond immune and digestive healthy, most are shocked to learn that probiotics are needed to make neurotransmitters (aka our feel good chemicals) as 70-80% of our neurotransmitters are actually made in our gut and healthy bacteria like bifidobacteria support this process. So supplementing with Bifido Balance along with eating a balanced diet helps support mental health just as much as digestive health.

Add one more benefit to that list, help with uncontrollable cravings. There are a few reasons behind cravings, but one of the most common is insufficient neurotransmitters, which may be due to a lack of good gut bacteria. We’ve seen several clients start supplementing with Bifido Balance (along with eating a balanced diet) and see their life-long cravings go away within weeks if not days.

When first taking Bifido Bacteria it is best taken a few minutes before each meal (one capsule or ¼ tsp powder). After a few months of supplementing three times a day it may be ok to taper down to once per day.

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Elizabeth is a licensed nutritionist Nutritional Weight & Wellness. Elizabeth knows the power of nutrition first hand. Having battled chronic digestive issues and a poor relationship with food throughout her life, she understands the frustration of searching for answers to feeling better. Through practicing a whole-foods based, balanced diet, Elizabeth was able to transform her relationship with food to one of nourishment and fulfillment, instead of deprivation and feeling drained.

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