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Not Losing Weight? Insulin Resistance Could Be to Blame

Recognize signs of insulin resistance & what to do.


The Biggest Loser Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

What does healthy weight loss really mean and how do you accomplish it?


Mary's Story — Losing Weight* and Keeping It Off

Mary was at her wit's end trying to lose weight before finding the Online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program.

success story

Weight Loss Is Just The Beginning

Here’s a quick snapshot of why changing what you eat changes much more than just a number on a scale.


Kristy’s Story - 40 Pounds Lost* & In Control of Her Weight

Kristy overcame binge eating, sugar cravings and lost 30 pounds.

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Five Reasons the Online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Class Works

The highly anticipated Online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program is finally available!


Ginny’s Story - 44 Pounds Lost* by Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

Ginny lost 44 pounds and gained power and control over her life.

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5 Weight Loss Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Check to see that you haven't fallen into these common weight loss pitfalls.


Jacque’s Story - 60 Pounds Lost*, Colitis Symptoms Gone

60 pounds lost, colitis symptoms gone, great energy and feeling like her true self again.

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Mary Lou's Story - Down 70 Pounds* & Moving Great

Mary Lou lost 70 pounds , is off of her prescriptions and feeling great at 73.

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Nell's Story - 90 Pounds Lost*, Clear Skin, Solid Sleep

90 pounds lost, clear skin, solid sleep and boundless energy.

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Randi N.'s Story - 60 Pounds Lost* & Counting

60 pounds lost and counting.

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Heidi’s Story - Lost Weight & Improved Muscle Definition

Heidi improved her body composition by eating real food. Her muscles are more defined and her skin is glowing.

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Barb's Story - Lost 60 Pounds* & 4 Dress Sizes

Barb lost 60 pounds and four dress sizes while getting her anxiety under control and eliminating cravings.

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Sandy's Story - Changed Her Eating to Lose 107 Pounds*

Sandy lost 107 pounds, increased her energy and eliminated her depression.

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