Mary's Story — Losing Weight* and Keeping It Off

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Ever since I can remember, I have been heavy. As a kindergartner, I weighed 80 pounds and continued to gain weight throughout grade school. Weight has always been a struggle for me and my entire family. I tried every diet imaginable, from a cabbage soup diet, to grapefruit juice, to cutting calories. I tried Weight Watchers a few times in high school and again a year ago through a program at work. Nothing seemed to work for me and I always gained the weight back.

At My Wits’ End

I was at my wits’ end after my last attempt at Weight Watchers. I was on the program for 17 weeks and lost 10 pounds right away, but then gained it back. I was following the plan, but it just wasn’t working. I watched what I ate and exercised, but I still couldn’t keep the weight off. One night, I did a Google search for nutrition counseling and weight loss programs. I live near Syracuse, N.Y. and found Nutritional Weight & Wellness’s Online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program. I debated for a few days, worried that it would be another program that wouldn’t work, before deciding to give it a chance.

The Convenience of an Online Program

I really liked the convenience of the online class format and the ability to watch the videos any time that would work for me. It alleviated a lot of stress not having to get to a class or a meeting at a certain time, which was especially helpful for me with my busy work schedule. I liked the layout of the classes, and how approachable it was, they really talked about how your body processes what you eat. I also really liked how all of the class participants in the videos were positive and shared ideas about what worked for them. When I attended Weight Watchers meetings, it could be disappointing when you had to weigh in and didn’t lose any weight that week, which made it hard to stay positive. There was no negative vibe with Nutrition 4 Weight Loss.

I had my nutrition consultation with Shelby, which was very productive. I made sure to document my food journal on my computer so I could send the information to Shelby and she could look at everything. She always responded to my questions quickly via email, and she even gave my husband pointers for his Type II diabetes. She really went above and beyond.

I Kept the Weight Off for the First Time

Following the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss eating plan and with Shelby’s personal recommendation for me to give up gluten and dairy, I lost 18 pounds during the course of the 12-week class. What’s even better, is that I have been able to keep the weight off for the first time in my life. Even when I have been too busy to exercise, I haven’t gained the weight back, which is huge for me. I am able to eat all day long on the program and I never feel deprived.

Clearer Skin, Less Pain and Improved Allergies

Besides weight loss, my skin has cleared drastically. I always suffered from facial and body acne and was constantly put on antibiotics by dermatologists and doctors. Come to find out, it was gluten that was causing my acne even though I tested negative for a gluten allergy. Beyond that, the throbbing hip pain that always plagued me went away after my third week off of gluten and dairy, which was a bonus I wasn’t expecting. My allergies have also improved. I always suffered from allergies that would lead to ear infections and this year I haven’t taken any allergy medicine, just removing gluten and dairy have gotten rid of the seasonal allergies that plagued me each year.

My mood and energy are also much better with my new eating plan. Before, I would be too exhausted to even make a sandwich when I got home from work at 7:00 pm, but now my energy level is much higher to keep me going to make dinner and even lunch for the next day. Plus, my stress level is also much better and not wearing me down like it did before, I’m just less frazzled and it’s wonderful.

The information I learned in the Online Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program is like no other information I have learned before. It gets to the heart of how food reacts with your individual body. I wish I would have known about this 25 years ago. Nowhere else can you find information like this!

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education

Mary was able to lose weight and keep it off with the power of nutrition education and personal support. Sign up for the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program today and be on your way to improved health. The 12-week program is available in-person or online and includes two one-hour consultations with a licensed nutritionist or dietician.

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