Jacque’s Story - 60 Pounds Lost*, Colitis Symptoms Gone

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

testimonial_jacque.jpgAfter some people in my life suggested addressing my nutrition to feel better, I decided to give Nutritional Weight & Wellness a try and enrolled in their Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program. I also opted to do additional one-on-one nutrition counseling. I wanted to learn, once and for all, how to manage my colitis symptoms naturally without using medication, and also how to balance my moods. I’m so glad I went to Nutritional Weight & Wellness; I haven’t felt this good in nearly 10 years!

Bloating & Stomach Pain 

Prior to addressing my nutrition, I lived in a constant state of discomfort in my body. Bloating and stomach pain were my set point, my “normal.” I discovered that my brother has colitis, and after comparing symptoms, I realized that this same condition is what I was struggling with.

Depression & Anxiety

I was also dealing with depression and anxiety and working with a therapist. I knew I had to take action and try a different approach if I was ever going feel better without relying solely on medication. After receiving some money from my grandparents, I went all-in and put the money toward the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program and nutrition consultations with Jamie. I’m so glad that I committed to both because the results have been unbelievable!

My colitis symptoms are completely gone! I’m no longer bloated and I don’t need medication, like Pepto Bismol (my former go-to). I also didn’t have to pursue treatment with my gastrointestinal physician, which would have included uncomfortable procedures and medication with unpleasant side effects.

Increased Energy and Confidence

I have more energy and consider myself a morning person now! When I wake up I’m ready to go, whereas before I could easily sleep 12 hours and still feel tired. I’m much more confident; my moods are bright, and my anxiety has lifted. Previously, my anxiety was so debilitating that I was nervous at work on a daily basis and for a while, I was agoraphobic. I’ve suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since childhood. Now, in the rare instance that anxiety hits, it’s fleeting.

Although weight loss wasn’t a focus for me when I started, it has been a wonderful side benefit of eating the Weight & Wellness Way. I have lost 60 pounds* and several dress sizes. I recently looked back at a photo of myself from a wedding I was in when I weighed 205 pounds (size 20 dress). As a larger woman, I felt awful in everything I put on. I wore whatever fit which frequently meant I was hiding in big sweaters. Now I’m wearing a 6/8 and feel amazing; and it’s fun to get dressed! I feel cute in my clothes which are more colorful and fun and fit my personality.

In addition to everything else, I now experience what I consider to be normal menstrual cycles. Before, I would have severe cramping and very heavy bleeding for several days. I would have extreme sugar cravings as well. Now, my cycle is light and manageable.

I Changed My Relationship with Food

Jamie had an awesome approach with me. She knew just how to educate me so I would make changes. It’s easy for me to get into rigid patterns and a shame cycle when it comes to eating and food, but with Jamie, this didn’t happen at all. She helped me pick foods that I love for meal plans and provided me with easy-to-make recipes. She taught me that protein from animal sources is best and is needed to make neurotransmitters. I had no idea that meat was so important to my mental health.

Jamie helped me in so many ways, more than I ever thought possible. I still find it helpful to check in with her every few months to fine-tune my eating plan and get more recipe suggestions. I used to be a sugar addict and ashamed of eating. I was uncomfortable eating in front of others and always had an unhealthy relationship with food. Thanks to Jamie, I see eating in a whole new way. I love food and cooking.

When I was younger I was outgoing and engaged in life. People would always say I had great energy. Somewhere along the way I lost that. With all the changes I’ve made over the past year, I found my true self again.

Do you suffer from colitis and stomach pain like Jacque?  Are you battling depression and anxiety, too?  Create your own success story by enrolling in the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program today.  The 12-week program is available in-person or online and includes a consultation with a licensed nutritionist.


*Most people following the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program can expect to lose one pound or more per week, but because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

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