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Understanding Estrogen Dominance

From plastic food containers to birth control pills, learn how to reduce excess levels of estrogen.


Jacque’s Story - 60 Pounds Lost*, Colitis Symptoms Gone

60 pounds lost, colitis symptoms gone, great energy and feeling like her true self again.

success story

Nutrition for Healing Gut Issues

Gut issues and 3 steps for repair


Jennifer's Story - Overcoming Anorexia

Finally free from her eating disorder and compulsive exercising.

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What Probiotic is Right for You?

Finally find relief from heartburn, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.


Elizabeth’s Story - No More Panic Attacks

Elizabeth eliminated her panic attacks, is more clearheaded and feeling great!

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Lori’s Story - 25 Pounds Gone*, Improved Mental Health

Lori lost 25 pounds and is feeling better both mentally and physically.

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Elaine's Story — 27 Pounds Lost*, Reduced Hot Flashes

Elaine lost 27 pounds, reduced hot flashes and is bouncing out of bed each day.

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Lisa's Story - 30 Pounds Lost*, A Health Transformation

Lisa was able to resolve a laundry list of health problems and lose 30 pounds.

success story

Steve’s Story - 15 Pounds Lost*, Food Addictions Gone

Steve lost 15 pounds, realized his food addictions and gained energy for Ironman training.

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Deziree’s Story - 30 Pounds Gone*, Fibromyalgia Pain Lifted

30 pounds gone, fibromyalgia pain lifted and energized; physically and mentally at her best.

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