Jennifer's Story - Overcoming Anorexia

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

testimonial_JenniferS.jpgJennifer battled anorexia and compulsive exercising for more than 20 years. In fact, in 1999 she was featured in the PBS Nova special, “Dying to be Thin,” as one of several women with eating disorders. Jennifer is considered anorexic, but the bigger problem for her is addictive, excessive exercise.

Jennifer has listened to Dishing Up Nutrition for many years and made some adjustments to her eating, but it wasn’t until she underwent two intestinal surgeries and was diagnosed with osteoporosis—at age 37 weighing 80 pounds—that she decided she needed help. She made a nutrition counseling appointment with Romaine to address her eating habits.

After one month, Jennifer saw drastic improvements in her health. “My life has completely changed,” Jennifer remarked. “I’ve never felt so free! Prior to my nutrition consultation, I would work out two times a day for a least an hour and a half…sometimes up to four hours of intense cardio activity. Now, I exercise for 30 minutes, five days per week—a much healthier amount.” Jennifer now weighs 100 pounds and continues to heal. She credits her success to finally healing her intestinal tract and to eating more protein. Eating enough protein provides the building blocks for good brain health, which supports good moods and allowed her to stop exercising compulsively.

Jennifer has experienced many health benefits after meeting with Romaine and following her new eating plan. “My anxiety is gone! I used to be extremely anxious before. Even my boss has commented that I’m more patient and relaxed at work.” Jennifer also notices that she doesn’t cry as easily as before and is much happier overall. “My confidence is way up and I feel comfortable in my clothes. I’m no longer bloated now that I’ve healed my gut. And the back pain from my osteoporosis is completely gone.”

“I never dreamed that talking to someone about my nutrition would make such a difference in my life. After going through treatment four times at eating disorder clinics and once in a psych ward, I now see that nutrition was the missing piece all along. Even though I would eventually get back to a healthy weight through treatment programs, I still went back to compulsively exercising—my drug of choice—and eventually would lose too much weight again. But now, I feel free, healthier and happier!”

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