Deziree’s Story - 30 Pounds Gone*, Fibromyalgia Pain Lifted

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

testimonial_deziree.jpgPrior to coming to Nutritional Weight & Wellness, I was in so much pain from my fibromyalgia that my husband had to help me out of bed in the morning. Walking was painful and even wearing clothes was painful. My husband encouraged me to enroll in the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program to feel better. I went to class with an open mind and after meeting my teacher, Oralee, and having her assure me that the class was going to help me, I went all-in and immediately made changes to my eating. I’m so glad I did because my fibromyalgia pain starting lifting soon after.

Eliminating Diet Pop & Gluten

After my first class, I dropped diet pop and gluten from my diet, and within a week I was already feeling better. After three weeks, my husband didn’t need to help me out of bed any more. I was able to walk without pain and wear my clothes comfortably (pain free).

I Lost Weight & Sleep Better

By the end of class, I was feeling fabulous and continue to! I can’t say enough good things about the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program. Even though I didn’t take the class specifically for weight loss, I did end up losing 30 pounds*. It was nice to put on my favorite pair of jeans one day only to discover they were way too big. I had to go shopping for new ones and realized I had gone down two sizes—back to the size I was in high school!

I’ve also enjoyed sound sleep again, getting 7-8 hours, rather than the three-hour-a-night sleep I was getting before I changed my eating. In the past I was fatigued constantly. I’m a chef and on my feet all day. After a long day at work, I would come home exhausted. On the weekends I would sleep in late, but still feel tired when I woke up. Now, I’m well-rested and wake up ready for the day. I’ve been able to walk more and go biking again!

My daily heartburn is gone, and my digestion has improved. I’m no longer feeling bloated or gassy. I’ve even noticed less swelling in my body.

Along with the pain, my anxiety and depressed have lifted. There are no more gray days, as I refer to them. There were days I felt deep despair and at times, I didn’t want to continue on. After learning how to eat right, the despair has gone away.

I Transformed My Life

The weight loss has been great, but getting rid of 99% of my fibromyalgia pain has transformed my life. Physically and mentally, I’m at my best. I’m able to be there for my kids again. I have the energy to take them to their activities after work, rather than collapsing on the couch.

People around me have seen the positive changes and ask me “how can I do that?” The answer is simple, go through the program and follow it. I’ve told so many people my story, and I’ve been able to help my parents and a few others change their eating so they feel better too. It’s been nice to pay it forward!

It’s not always easy to break habits, but after feeling as amazing as I have over the last few months, I’m not willing to go back to my old ways and endure the pain I was in. This program has given me my life back.

Does Deziree's story sound familiar?  Are you battling fibromyalgia pain too?  Create your own success story by enrolling in the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program today.  The 12-week program is available in-person or online and includes a consultation with a licensed nutritionist.


*Most people following the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program can expect to lose one pound or more per week, but because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

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