Most Popular Podcasts of the Summer

By Jackie Cartier
September 13, 2018

podcast_summer.jpgWhew, what a whirlwind this past summer was! If you’re like us, you’re just starting to catch your breath, take stock of what’s next on the calendar and settling into the routine that a fresh autumn air always brings.

Oh yeah, and tuning back to the podcasts you used to listen to regularly! Here are our three most downloaded podcasts of the summer that you may have missed. If you don’t have time to listen, all our podcasts now include a transcript for you to read when convenient.

  • Brain Health: Attention, Focus & OCD: This podcast episode shared how real food can truly change how you think, clear those obsessive thoughts, reduce anxiety, improve focus and memory and so much more.
  • Radical Metabolism: New York Times bestselling author Ann Louise Gittleman joined us to discuss her new book, Radical Metabolism that addresses how to support your metabolism and your health. Many of us have a slowed metabolism and aren't feeling our best, and this episode shares why that is and what we can do about it.
  • PMS Relief (Cramps, Mood Swings, Fatigue): This episode is for anyone suffering from uncomfortable PMS symptoms like cramps, mood swings and fatigue. We’re sharing how simply changing your food choices could actually reduce these symptoms. Listen in as we talk about PMS symptoms and what extra steps our nutritionists find helpful to relieve those symptoms.

Happy listening! You can catch Dishing Up Nutrition on our Dishing Up Nutrition app (free in your app store) and on our site whenever you want. We have thousands of shows covering every health topic imaginable, you’re bound to find something helpful! If you’re local, listen live via MyTalk 107.1 on Saturday mornings!

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Jackie Cartier is Content Strategy Manager for Nutritional Weight & Wellness. She was once a client, seeking natural solutions to her achy runner knees and hormonal imbalances. From then she was hooked and eventually ended up on their team, spreading the real food message on the blog and through social media. 

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