Lee W.'s Story - 10 Pounds Lost*, Chronic Diarrhea Relief

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

testimonial_LeeW.jpgLee entered the doors of Nutritional Weight & Wellness in July of 2011. Lee had suffered for many years with diarrhea and not just occasional bouts of it; this was a chronic problem for her. It was maddening. She visited several doctors over the years to try and solve the problem, but no underlying conditions were ever identified. She went through multiple colonoscopies and had fecal samples tested to figure out the problem. Time after time, her doctors came back to her with no diagnosis and no solution. Doctors recommended she continue her use of Imodium to manage the problem.

Referred by a friend to Nutritional Weight & Wellness, Lee went as a last resort for solving her chronic diarrhea. Lee had tried so many other things, but was willing to give nutrition a try. She made an appointment with Dar Kvist, and Dar started by eliminating dairy and gluten from Lee’s diet. Lee saw immediate results and was able to stop taking her Imodium. When her problem crept up again, Lee met with Dar to further refine her diet and has had normal bowel movements since that time. She is now able to enjoy a wide variety of foods, including some dairy again, and doesn’t worry any longer about having diarrhea.

“Dar is amazing, I would recommend her to anyone” remarked Lee. “I also lost 10 pounds* along the way—which was not something I was looking to do.” Lee is happy to report that she recently enjoyed a vacation in London and felt wonderful the entire time.

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