Max's Story - Managing ADHD Through Diet

Max.jpgAs a teenager, I suffered from lactose intolerance (even though I didn’t know it at the time) and it got to the point that I was so sick that I finally stopped eating dairy and eventually gluten. I had severe acid reflux and started taking Prilosec at age 12 along with medicine for my ADHD. But something was still off and I wasn’t feeling well, plus I wanted to get off all of the meds I was taking. About 7 years later when I was 19, I came to Nutritional Weight & Wellness.

My nutritionist, Dar, recommended getting off of Prilosec and I will admit that I was extremely hesitant because I did not want to go back to the place I was before where I was experiencing severe heartburn. She also recommended removing corn and eggs from my diet (along with the gluten and dairy I had already eliminated) and adding in probiotics. While it was hard to cut out so much from my diet, it was worth it because I felt so much better. It took about 3 months to wean myself off of Prilosec, but I was blown away that I could actually do it and feel fine. And I actually felt better than when I was on it! Not only did these diet changes improve my reflux, they also helped me to reduce the amount of ADHD meds I was taking. I went from 75 mg per day to only 10 mg when I needed it.

It has been amazing to learn how to eat so that I feel better. If I hadn’t come to Nutritional Weight & Wellness, I would probably still be on Prilosec since I relied so heavily on all of my meds just to get through life. But now I know how to help myself naturally through diet and lifestyle changes so that I don’t have heartburn and so that I can have better focus. Not only did I change my eating habits, but I also learned the importance of sleep for my ADHD as well as exercise and cutting out sugar.

I know my body better and what I need to feel my best. There is always more to learn but I’m in such a better place now. 

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education

Max was able to get a hold of his ADHD symptoms and relieve chronic hearburn with the power of nutrition education and personal support. Schedule your own consultation with one of our licensed nutritionists and dietitians today and be on your way to better health!

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