Whitney’s Story - Relief from Crohn's

Whitney.jpgI was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 14 years ago when I was 19, and since then I have always been on medication and I even had surgery at the Mayo Clinic. The medication helped for awhile, but about two years ago, my doctors discovered that the medication was actually the source of another autoimmune disease I had developed. I was devastated.

At this point, nothing was going well. I was put on a new medication and was suffering from a lot of the same symptoms as when I was first diagnosed. I had a colonoscopy where they found more inflammation in both my small and large intestine. I was fed up that the only solution my doctor had was to just increase my medication.

I Decided to Take My Health In My Own Hands

I love listening to podcasts and that’s how I heard about Nutritional Weight & Wellness. I did a little digging and discovered Nutritional Weight & Wellness’ own podcast, Dishing Up Nutrition – specifically one of their episodes about autoimmune disease where the nutritionists mentioned two supplements that could help with my Crohn’s. After the podcast, I was so intrigued that I immediately ordered the supplements,  Bifido Balance and L-Glutamine.

This was when I decided to take my health in my own hands. Instead of upping my dose of the medication the doctor wanted to put me on that wasn’t really helping my symptoms, I decided to try these two supplements for six months and cut back on gluten in my diet. My doctor agreed to this plan if I continued to come in for my labs.

I Wanted A More Natural Approach

I noticed an almost immediate change in my condition. I was less crampy and had less urgency. I’ve been taking these two supplements for the past five months and overall, I feel so much better than when I was on medication. As someone who has suffered since they were 19, this is amazing. I feel so much better knowing that I am using something more natural instead of more medication that can just cause my body more harm (as I found out from the first medication that caused another autoimmune condition).

When I started my journey with Crohn’s, I didn’t even realize there could be another treatment option besides the medication my doctors prescribed. Now, I am being an advocate for myself and it’s working! When I went back in for my labs last month, everything was in the normal range and my inflammation markers were down incredibly from my last labs!

This is truly mind blowing to me and I definitely believe these supplements helped tremendously. I am so thankful for Nutritional Weight & Wellness and your mission to inform people so they can take their health in their own hands. Knowledge is power, and in my case, I truly believe it is healing.

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education

Whitney was able to get control of her Crohn's and take her health in her own hands with the power of nutrition education she received listening to Dishing Up Nutrition. 

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