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Carmen's Story – Getting My Osteoporosis & Binge Eating Under Control

I now no longer have osteoporosis in my spine!

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Eating Disorder Recovery

Listen to how a past client used the keto diet to overcome compulsive exercise and an eating disorder.


Bonnie’s Story – I Wake Up Every Day With a Smile

Eating real food and removing gluten helped Bonnie put an end to chronic pain.

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Melissa’s Story – Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Gone

Melissa was able to find relief from her rheumatoid arthritis by eating real food.

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Lon’s Story – Chronic Migraines & Brain Fog Eliminated

Reducing sugar and eliminating dairy and processed foods helped cure Lon's chronic migraines.

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Jon’s Story – Reaching His Weight Goal within Months

With the help of nutrition counseling, Jon surpassed his weight loss goals in a few months.

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Ginny’s Story - 44 Pounds Lost* by Overcoming Yo-Yo Dieting

Ginny lost 44 pounds and gained power and control over her life.

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Jacque’s Story - 60 Pounds Lost*, Colitis Symptoms Gone

60 pounds lost, colitis symptoms gone, great energy and feeling like her true self again.

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Case Study: Losing 25 Pounds*, Ending Sugar Cravings and Overcoming Depression

Erin lost 25 pounds, lifted her depression, is sleeping deeply and starting a new career path.

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Mary Lou's Story - Down 70 Pounds* & Moving Great

Mary Lou lost 70 pounds , is off of her prescriptions and feeling great at 73.

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Ali's Story - Hormones Back on Track

Ali got her hormones back on track, has less anxiety and is feeling healthier than she has in two years.

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