Melissa’s Story – Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Gone

Melissa.jpg“I spent two years feeling awful. I had a steady weight gain and found myself waking up in pain. Doctors told me that I was depressed, but working in the mental health industry, I knew that wasn’t true. It got to the point where I was in so much pain, that I couldn’t even walk. Depression doesn’t cause pain like I was feeling. After a lot of blood tests, I was finally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

After seeing a rheumatologist, I was put on prednisone to help with the pain. I knew that I didn’t want to be on prednisone for the rest of my life so when Nutritional Weight & Wellness came up in a conversation with my doctor, I knew I wanted to give it a try. It can’t hurt, it’s just food.

My first three weeks of Nutrition 4 Weight Loss were definitely a learning curve. My goal was to get off of my medication, so that is what I focused on in my meeting with my nutritionist, Nikki. I remember her telling me, “You didn’t start this journey perfect, and you’re never going to be perfect.” That was comforting and lessened the pressure I was putting on myself. When I started the program, I couldn’t even walk up five stairs, and six months later, I am up to a mile and a half walking. Two months after starting the classes, I was able to decrease my prednisone because my blood tests were improving and within four months I was off of prednisone completely.

With the help of my nutritionist, I completely changed my diet and removed sugar and gluten from my diet. I switched to eating grass-fed beef and lots of vegetables. I plan and meal prep so I always have snacks ready to go for the day. Everything is in a bag with fruits and veggies already cut up in my refrigerator to grab and go.

The biggest thing I learned is if you eat the right food, you feel better. I used to have a big sweet tooth and if you put a bowl of ice cream in front of me, I’d definitely eat it. But the sweet stuff doesn’t even taste good to me anymore. I like the way I feel now, and I don’t want to go back. I started writing down how food made me feel and what caused me to have a flare up in my rheumatoid arthritis. I know that ice cream and sugar cause me to feel bad for days after eating it.

Knowledge is key. I never realized all of the junk I put in my body was making me feel icky. Food is fuel for your body. I have to live with rheumatoid arthritis, but I don’t have to live with the pain thanks to the knowledge I gained from Nutritional Weight & Wellness. This has been the best investment I’ve made.”

Create Your Own Success Story with Nutrition Education

Melissa was able to get control of her rheumatoid arthritis and reduce sugar cravings with the power of nutrition education and personal support. Sign up for the Nutrition 4 Weight Loss program today and be on your way to improved health. The 12-week program is available in-person or online and includes a two-hour consultation with a licensed nutritionist or dietician.

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