3 Easy School Lunch Ideas

By Marcie Vaske, MS, LN
September 9, 2014


The notebooks and pencils are out; new school outfits and tennis shoes have been purchased! The cooler weather is on its way, and we know that means it’s back to school. It is also the time to start thinking about how we can give our kids a nutritional edge with balanced lunches. With the hectic schedules that come once school begins, it’s easy to let nutrition give way to convenience. However, with a bit of planning and preparation you can be sure to send your kids out the door with healthy lunches that will help keep them energized all day long.

1) Turkey Roll-ups with Avocado

Ingredients: Tortilla (gluten-free or brown rice are options) Turkey Cheese Avocado

EasySchoolLunches_TurkeyRollUpIngredients.jpgAssemble: Lie tortilla flat, spread the avocado 1” from the edges. Place turkey slices on top and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Roll the tortilla and cut into 1” pieces.

Add fresh organic peaches with organic carrots and a healthy, balanced lunch is ready!


2) Summer Sausage Kebobs

Ingredients: Summer sausage Mozzarella cheese stick Cherry or grape tomatoes Skewers

EasySchoolLunches_KebobIngredients.jpgAssemble: Cut summer sausage into bite-sized pieces (3 oz. was used in the example pictured below). Also cut one cheese stick into bite-sized pieces. Wash tomatoes. Using summer sausage, cheese and tomatoes, assemble onto skewers. Balance the meal with a small banana and a convenient to-go pack of olives.


3) Easy Chicken Legs

Ingredients: Baked chicken legs

EasySchoolLunches_ChickenLegIngredients.jpgAssemble: Pack baked chicken legs (2 used in this example) into a lunch container with organic celery and carrots. Include a to-go container of guacamole and a side of grapes.


I hope you enjoy these easy and delicious school lunch ideas. Keep in mind that these are just examples—feel free to substitute to make these ideas work for your family. For example, If your child doesn’t like peaches, substitute a different fruit like half an apple, 10 grapes, a clementine or small banana. If your child doesn’t like dipping veggies in guacamole, substitute a healthy ranch dip. The possibilities are endless. The key is to make sure you’ve included a healthy protein, carbohydrates and fat.

What do your kids like to eat in their school lunches? Leave your comments below!

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Marcie truly understands the healing power of nutrition having once suffered from anorexia, obsessive-compulsive exercising and anxiety, all of which led to chronic and complex digestive issues for her. She credits good nutrition in playing a critical role in her recovery from anorexia, diminishing anxiety, and helping to heal her digestive tract. She joined Nutritional Weight & Wellness in 2011, completed her M.S. in clinical nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, and is a licensed nutritionist through the Minnesota Board of Dietetics and Nutrition.

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