Keep Your Immune System Strong

By Nutritional Weight & Wellness Staff
March 12, 2020

cold.jpgWe understand concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are top of mind for many of our clients and customers, and we wanted to let you know a few key ways you can keep your immune system strong:

Sleep is a key element to a healthy immune system, and you are more likely to catch a cold or virus if you aren't getting enough sleep. Take a look at this article that talks about 5 foods & drinks sabotaging your sleep.

Eating or drinking too much sugar weakens the cells in your immune system that attack bacteria. Read this article on how to cut out sugar.

Get adequate vitamin D, since vitamin D helps the immune system stay balanced and fight infection. Check out this article for more on the importance of vitamin D.

Keep your gut healthy with a probiotic. Taking a probiotic daily helps to ensure you have lots of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract to fight off any illnesses. (Bonus, all probiotics are on sale the month of March.)

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