Weight Loss Is Just The Beginning

February 13, 2019

If you sign up for our upcoming Nutrition 4 Weight Loss series, chances are good you’ll lose weight; 90% of the class participants do. But … would you expect your memory to also improve? Or feel your energy return? Surprised? Read on to learn how health is so much more than weight loss. Here’s a quick snapshot of why changing what you eat changes much more than just a number on a scale. 


Our digestion/gut health plays a role in so many different things in our body, brain function, metabolism, heart health, joint pain, and the list goes on. Think of digestion as a trickle-down effect, if your gut health is out of whack it can compromise all your other goals. 



Your emotions are directly tied to getting enough quality protein in your diet. Protein makes our feel-good neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. These brain chemicals help us feel calm, relaxed and happy. If you’re only eating protein at dinner, which a lot of people do, then it’s easy to feel stressed out at work, have road rage or be short with your family. 


N4WL_Infographic_Mind.jpgHealthy fats literally feed our brains, since the brain is comprised of 60-70% fat! Eating enough healthy fats helps your brain calm down and clear through those scattered or foggy, unfocused feelings.  



When people think heart, they think cholesterol. For cholesterol concerns, the biggest dietary culprits are high sugar and processed foods, along with refined oils and manufactured fats. Sugar and bad fats can throw off the cholesterol balance and numbers. That brings us right  back to eating real, whole foods for healthy hearts.


N4WL_Infographic_Lungs.jpgIf you’re having lung issues, they often shows up as breathing difficulties or asthma, which are both caused by inflammation. When you include more real foods that’s basically an anti-inflammatory diet –so real foods reduce inflammation, which will help reduce flare-ups in your lungs. 


N4WL_Infographic_Energy.jpgTiredness and dips in energy are often caused by blood sugar imbalance. If you’re eating high sugar and processed foods, you’re riding the blood sugar roller-coaster all day (No fun!). Your blood sugar is spiking and dipping, therefore your energy is going to do the same thing. The surge of energy or rush after the donut or latte will lead to a crash an hour or so later, leaving you tired, unfocused and looking for your next sugar fix. What goes up must come down; real food helps keep that blood sugar level and energy stable as a result.  


N4WL_Infographic_Nose.jpgStuffy noses and sinus issues are commonly related to a food sensitivity, and more often than not dairy is  causing the congestion. Think of those sinuses as just another airway, so inflammation can impact them just as easily as the lungs mentioned above. Often inflamed sinuses can lead to headaches and difficulty breathing. Counteracting that inflammation with an anti-inflammatory diet will help! 



To thrive your skin needs hydration (you knew that!) and (this one surprises many) healthy fats. Those fats are critical for keeping skin, plump, pliable and glowing. Back to inflammation (Noticing a theme here?), acne is another form of inflammation, so our real food, anti-inflammatory diet can help. Also back to gut health, if your intestinal tract isn’t functioning well or is also inflamed, it can show up as skin issues, acne, psoriasis, eczema, rashes, etc.   



Sleep is one of the most common issues that brings in our nutrition counseling clients. Interrupted sleep is their top complaint, waking around 2 or 3 in the morning with brain chatter and  unable to get back to sleep. Blood sugar is often the culprit here too! In Nutrition 4 Weight Loss we share how a bedtime snack will help keep that blood sugar stable throughout the night, keeping you asleep so you are  rested when you wake up. 


N4WL_Infographic_Joints.jpgGood healthy fats are needed to lubricate your joints, and protein is needed to make cartilage in our joints. Food sensitives leading to inflammation may result in more pain and cartilage breakdown. , Your nutritionist appointments included in Nutrition 4 Weight Loss can help  reduce the pain and inflammation in your joints. 


N4WL_Infographic_Immunity.jpg70-80% of the immune system is in your gut, so if you have a healthy gut, your immune system will be stronger. A balanced diet is critical for a healthy gut, which Nutrition 4 Weight Loss explains in detail, with facts such as eating enough protein to make enough white blood cells, and more ideas.   


N4WL_Infographic_Weight.jpgFinally, for all those who you have been there, done that, with the “eat less, exercise more” mentality, and still haven’t seen results (or the results were short term), Nutrition 4 Weight Loss helps explain how eating nutrient-dense food (And a lot of it, no starvation diet here!) will help you lose weight. With our eating plan  you’ll finally be working with your biochemistry not against it.


See what we mean? Nutrition 4 Weight Loss isn’t just weight loss, it’s so much more! But the title Nutrition 4 Weight Loss, Memory Improvement, Joint Mobility, Better Lung Capacity, Sinus Relief, Restful Sleep, Heart Function, Clear Skin, Headache Free, Boosted Energy and Immune Function felt a little long.

So, Nutrition 4 Weight Loss it is; sign up today! Keep your momentum going strong with Foundations (our 12-class series with one-on-one nutritionist support), plus our expanded Ongoing Support & Education program. We can help, and we have the numbers to back that up. 

Numbers above are based on over 1,800 before and after surveys of past Nutrition 4 Weight Loss participants. 

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