Amy Y.'s Story - 50 Pounds Lost*

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

testimonial_AmyY.jpgAmy’s battle with obesity began at a young age. At 8 years old, she weighed 200 pounds. Her parents were concerned and brought her to the doctor who assumed that Amy’s weight was due to overeating and put her on a diet. Amy had a happy childhood, and she didn’t eat a lot of sugar or overeat so she didn’t understand why she had a weight problem, but she went on the diet program with little success.

Amy’s weight struggles continued into adulthood. “I tried every diet under the sun and ended up re-gaining all the weight I lost, plus more.” Amy remembered. “Most of the diets I tried involved eating pre-packaged foods, so once I was off of the diet and eating on my own, the weight came right back.”

Two years ago Amy changed her approach to weight loss. She was initially motivated by a weight loss competition at work with a $1000 travel voucher as the prize. Amy loves to travel so this was a great incentive, but she was also tired of feeling bogged down by her weight, which had reached an all-time high of 324 pounds. She was ready to make a change. She started walking three miles a day, eating real food and journaling her food intake.

Although she was making good progress losing weight, Amy still didn’t understand why she had struggled with weight since childhood. Those unanswered questions brought her to Nutritional Weight & Wellness. Amy made an appointment with Cassie at Nutritional Weight & Wellness after a friend recommended her.

“After my first visit, I had so many questions answered. Cassie taught me about insulin resistance and balanced eating…the science made sense to me right away.” Amy commented. “I now believe that I have been insulin resistant since childhood and that’s why I was overweight when I was 8.”

Amy put what she learned from Cassie into practice right away eating healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins at every snack and meal. Although Amy had been eating healthier foods, she wasn’t eating in balance, which she now understands is critical for managing her insulin resistance.

Since her first visit to Nutritional Weight & Wellness, Amy has lost 50 pounds. “These last 50 pounds have been the easiest to lose by far!” Amy said. Amy has more energy, sleeps better and her digestion has improved enough that she’s been able to cut back on her acid reflux medication. She has a sense of peace knowing that she has found a sustainable solution to the weight loss problems that she’s had all her life.

Amy sees Cassie every other month for ongoing support and is working toward a goal weight of 174 pounds, which she is close to achieving. Her ultimate goal is to make a difference in someone else’s life. “If I could show even one person, especially a child, that she could achieve weight loss that would be a dream. Success begins once you love yourself, which is what I’ve learned to do. I truly love myself now and I want to show others they can, too.”

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