3 Steps to Reduce Aches & Pains

February 3, 2016


Simply put, inflammation in your body = pain! What can you do to reduce inflammation? Follow these 3 steps (easy meal suggestions included!).

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For more information, listen to our podcast: Have You Tried Nutrition for Your Aches & Pains?


Teresa Isakson
Hello, I have noticed that you are not a big fan of Gluten and grain products in general. Is there documented studies to support Gluten as a big problem and grains. My issue is that the "Blue Zones" where people live to be well past their 100's , they eat diets pretty high in gluten and grains. Are you not promoting a diet that will push people into ketosis? Is this healthy? I am a bit concerned with this recommendation that your group is in favor of but perhaps I am not educated or new studies to suggest that I don't understand. I am a NFS major and this information that you are promoting is new and different. I am willing to learn something new but the diets you recommend appears to be a bit based on fad diets not real documented information.
June 13, 2016 at 8:12 am


Great question! One thing to consider is that there's about 50% more gluten in modified wheat plants in America, so the Blue Zones would likely have better quality wheat source. 

At Nutritional Weight & Wellness we're more concerned that people eat real foods which naturally isn't going to contain much gluten. We certaintly wouldn't make a blanket statement that everybody needs to be gluten and grain free but for some clients who remove gluten their health has improved dramatically which is wonderful.

We recommend anyone interested in learning more should read the great book Wheat Belly by William Davis. 

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