“Can I have a snack?” Two Healthy Options

By Melanie Beasley, RD, LD
August 29, 2018

afterschoolsnack.jpgEvery year around this time parents everywhere begin thinking about back to school, the supplies, the new schedules and … food. Food for a fast breakfast. Food to pack for lunch. Food to pack for snacks. Food for snacks once the kiddos get home and the list goes on.

Quick after-school snacks are a favorite around here. Last year we came up with three after-school smoothie recipes that were a huge hit. This year pizzapocket.jpgwe’re back with two new recipes that we know (from experience) the whole family will enjoy. I created both of these recipes when my own girls (now well out of school and getting married!) were young. I hope your children enjoy making them with you, or enjoy eating  the final product for years to come.

Of course, soon after the snacks are consumed, it’s time to answer the question of “What’s for dinner?

If you’re overwhelmed about feeding yourself well, let alone a full family, DO NOT FRET. That’s why I am here, along with my fellow nutritionists and dietitians. Consider scheduling a phone, Skype or in-person nutrition consultation so we can help you learn what works for your unique scenarios.


Carol A Steeher
I am having trouble with the Sushi Roll-up. Am I supposed to lay the cucumber slices next to each, overlapping a bit to make a wide flat surface to place the ingredients on? Not clear.
August 29, 2018 at 4:25 pm


You slice the cucumbers with a sharp vegetable peeler. All cucumbers work, but English cucumbers work especially well as they have smaller seeds. Take a thick slice, place your ingredients on the slice and loosely roll it up. They won’t be tight like a sushi roll as they do not have sticky rice in them. They are messy but yummy and kiddos love them!

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