Client Success Stories

We’ve seen first-hand the power that good nutrition has had to improve our clients’ health. See for yourself!

*Because everyone is unique, individual results vary.

Jim's Story - 45 Pounds Lost*, Blood Pressure Normal Again

Jim has amazing energy, is sleeping sound, improved his blood work and lost 45 pounds.

success story

Jeff's Story - No More Eczema or Shoulder Pain

Jeff got rid of eczema and joint pain by eating right.

success story

Leo's Story - 47 Pounds Lost* & Counting

Leo lost 47 pounds and counting.

success story

Lisa's Story - 30 Pounds Lost*, A Health Transformation

Lisa was able to resolve a laundry list of health problems and lose 30 pounds.

success story

Steve’s Story - 15 Pounds Lost*, Food Addictions Gone

Steve lost 15 pounds, realized his food addictions and gained energy for Ironman training.

success story

Jamey’s Story - Managing Asthma & Increasing Energy

Jamey managed her asthma and is enjoying stronger training sessions due to better nutrition.

success story

Tina's Story - Managing Multiple Sclerosis with Food

Tina got rid of gluten and dairy to control her multiple sclerosis, improve bone strength and increase energy.

success story

Sydney's Story - End to Chronic Constipation & Anorexia

Finally, an end to chronic constipation and anorexia.

success story

Nicole's Story - 17 Pounds Lost*, No Longer Prediabetic

17 pounds lost, good moods, healthy skin and no longer prediabetic.

success story

Brenda T's Story - 25 Pounds Lost*, Better Sleep & Digestion

Sleeping again and better digestion.

success story

Greg's Story - 35 Pound Belly Gone*, Feeling Great

35-pound belly gone, more energy; feeling good again.

success story

Norma's Story - Over 30 Pounds Lost* & Sleeping Soundly

Over 30 pounds lost, fewer aches and pains, and sleeping soundly.

success story

Lee W.'s Story - 10 Pounds Lost*, Chronic Diarrhea Relief

Regular again and worry-free.

success story

Madisyn's Story - 70 Pounds Lost*, Confident & Focused

70 pounds lost, feeling confident and focused in school.

success story

Deziree’s Story - 30 Pounds Gone*, Fibromyalgia Pain Lifted

30 pounds gone, fibromyalgia pain lifted and energized; physically and mentally at her best.

success story

Mike’s Story - 37 Pounds Lost* & Feeling Like a Kid Again

37 pounds lost and counting, energized, happy and feeling like a kid again.

success story

Grace H.'s Story - 38 Pounds Lost* & Her Spirit Regained

38 pounds lost and her spirit regained

success story

Pat M.'s Story - 35 Pounds Lost* & Family's Health Improved

35 pounds lost and changes to her family’s health.

success story

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