Managing Multiple Sclerosis with Nutrition: Tina's Story

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testimonial_TinaB.jpgTina is a real customer of Nutritional Weight & Wellness and was not paid for this testimonial.

Several years ago, I had a scary experience at the health club. I was working out as usual on a Stairmaster when suddenly my arms gave out. I couldn’t even lift my water bottle. It was so sudden, and with my nursing background I thought right away, I’ve got MS. Shortly after, at a doctor appointment for something else, I told my doctor what happened and that I was concerned I had MS. He patted me on the back and said that I didn’t need to worry because I didn’t have MS. I trusted my doctor and let go of any worry I had about the disease.

My MS Diagnosis

I lived with some pain in my arms, some dizziness, and occasional optic migraines, believing I didn’t have MS. It wasn’t until my sister told me that she had been diagnosed with MS that I decided to be tested by a neurologist. An MRI found four areas with lesions (scar tissue) on my brain—key indicators of MS. I then had a spinal tap to confirm the MS diagnosis. It was official; I did indeed have MS and immediately started on Avonex®, an MS medication given via shot.

Nutrition and Autoimmune Disorders

About five years later, I walked through the doors of Nutritional Weight & Wellness, not for myself, but for my daughter who wanted to lose weight. I sat in on her nutrition counseling appointment with Dar. As Dar went through my daughter’s health history, she noticed a pattern—many of our family members had autoimmune conditions. I, of course, have MS; my sister has MS, my mother has fibromyalgia, my brother has alopecia…and the list went on.

Dar mentioned that in families with so many autoimmune conditions, there is typically a link to gluten intolerance. Prior to this appointment, I had already been eating healthy foods (including organic fruits and vegetables), but gluten was still part of my diet. So my ears perked up when Dar mentioned that gluten could be a problem. My daughter and I went home and emptied all the cupboards of gluten products and never looked back.

Removing Dairy and Gluten

In addition to getting rid of the gluten, I also removed dairy from my diet and removing both has been life changing for me! Each year I get an MRI to monitor my MS, and each year the results show that the lesions haven’t gotten any bigger—in fact they seem to have gotten smaller. Also, no new lesions have formed. In addition to successfully managing my MS, bone scans have shown that my bones have gotten stronger (I was diagnosed with osteopenia at age 45). Not only that, but my hemoglobin tests regularly show that I’m in the normal range. This is a huge step since I’ve been considered anemic since childhood. I feel more focused, have clear thinking, and my energy level is where it should be. I no longer wake up feeling sluggish or have to force myself out of bed. Now I’m naturally energetic and feel like I’m running on all cylinders!

I want to express my gratitude for Nutritional Weight & Wellness’ life-saving nutrition education! I will forever be grateful to Dar and NWW for helping me, and so many of my family members and friends, to be able to live life to our fullest potential!

There is hope for people with autoimmune conditions like me. From the lowest of low points, you can come back with more vim and vigor than you would ever dream of!

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